Esther Araiza has worked as a waitress in Brownsville, Texas for over 50 years. As a mother of 11, Araiza did everything she could to provide for her children.

“Being by myself, being a single parent wasn’t easy,” Araiza says. “I had 11 children – eight boys and three girls – and I went to garage sales, I went to thrift stores so they can have what they needed. It was hard but a mother will always be a mother.”

Araiza received two job offers as a new mother: one at a railroad and one as a telephone operator. Fearing her education level wasn’t high enough for either, she stayed in the restaurant business.

“Being here has connected me with a lot of nice people,” Araiza says. “I’ve been through marriages, divorces, birthdays, baptisms, funerals. Any event you name it and we’ve had it here. And I have been part of it and I’m so proud of it.”

At 72 years old, Araiza says she feels blessed.

“It’s a beautiful life,” Araiza says.

Written by Chloe Bennett .
Source: Texas Standard