Who hasn’t fantasized about having special abilities? I mean honestly…have you never thought about what super power you would like to gain if you were involved in some sort of freak accident involving vats of chemicals created by a secret governmental agency that’s searching for interdimensional beings? Really?


1libraryofcongressThere’s invincibility, invisibility, super strength, mind reading powers, flight, teleportation, laser eyes…well…you get the drift.

Well, in honor of National Comic Book Day, which is on September 25th, I offer all of you wannabe Wolverines and hopeful Hulks 10 interesting facts about comic books.

1. #1. That’s a lot of comics.

Think that those 1,000 comic books you have tucked away in boxes somewhere in the garage is quite the collection? Well, sorry to break it to you, but the honor of the world’s largest collection goes to the Library of Congress. They have over 100,000 individual issues.

2. #2. Maybe this should’ve been number 1.

3. #3. We exist!

Our world (and universe) actually exist in the Marvel multiverse. Our planet is known as Earth-1218. I wonder if there’s a comic book me roaming around somewhere in there….





4. #4. Respect the ladies.

5. #5. He beat who?

There was a Star Trek/X-Men crossover back in 1996 and our favorite Vulcan fought against everyone’s favorite military experiment – Wolverine. Looks like Spock won this one.





6. #6. Sorry Superman…

7. #7. Jokes on us.

8. #8. You mean there’s more than one?

9. #9. To hell and back.

10. #10. A little sauce to finish up.