Part 1: Paw Permissible Eateries in the RGV

image2Let’s face it, when it comes to man’s best friend, some of us just can’t stand the thought of leaving our doggies at home while we’re out and about. Lucky for us here in the RGV, there are several spots that allow you to bring your friendly pet along, and you don’t have to worry about any scrutiny.

In fact, there are “Dog Friendly” campaigns running in cities like Austin, to help develop healthy relationships between the dog owning community and local businesses. What a great idea! This means that there are literally dozens of eateries that allow customers to sit down and enjoy their favorite meal alongside their furry little “child” (a.k.a. pet).

Before you head out the door with your furry besty by your side to visit some of these local RGV spots, try and remember a few things to make the experience more pleasant for not only you, but others around you.

  • Always keep your dog on a leash.
  • Make sure your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date.
  • Never take an ill dog anywhere.
  • Do not bring out your dog if they are not social pets. The last thing you want is for them to constantly be barking at the other patrons around you.
  • Give your pet a bath if they haven’t had one in a while – cleanliness is key.
  • If they must do their business, take them away from patrons and ALWAYS have your bags on hand.
  • Be courteous. It may seem like a no brainer, but not everyone love dogs.

So now that we have some ground rules set…jump in that ride of yours and head to these local hot spots.

Schneider’s German Gasthaus & Beergarden

5507 N. Ware Rd., McAllen

imageSchneider’s is a local eatery that has been around for years. You’ve probably driven past it not even realizing that you were missing your chance at some great food and fun. This hidden gem is located off of Ware Road and just a little bit north of Dove.  It is a bit tucked away, but you can’t miss them now with their new signage in BOLD red and black letters.

At Schneider’s, you won’t only find some of the best (and rare) German cuisine around, but you’ll also have the pleasure of trying some of the best German beer in the RGV. So…their menu can be a bit intimidating for those of us who are not familiar with the German culture, but don’t be fooled, it is delicious! My personal favorite (and recommendation) is their hot pretzels, which are served with a delicious cheese sauce and either German or honey mustard. So good!

They do have an indoor area, but are known for their vivacious outdoor patio and garden, which is equipped with an immense fire pit to sit around with your friends and family. Considering that fall is right around the corner, we should be cooling down in the near future. So take advantage of this gorgeous setting RGV.

The patio and garden area is the perfect place to hang out with your pet and to indulge in some fantastic eating while enjoying an adult beverage. Along with their German beers, Schneider’s has also added an array of canned selections, from Karbach’s Love Street to Southern Star’s Bombshell Blonde. I must say, Bombshell Blonde is an absolute favorite of mine because it’s so crisp and full of flavor. Schneider’s is doing it right, and allowing pets is just awesome of them.

Grain to Glass

5921 N. 23rd St., McAllen

image3Right now there are two trends starting to edge their way into mainstream society – taking your dogs to dinner with you and drinking craft beers. Grain to Glass is just the place to find both trends coexisting in perfect harmony.

The Gastropub is one of the few that we are fortunate enough to have here in the RGV. Their selection is outstanding and changes periodically throughout the year. The atmosphere is hip and as comfortable as you can imagine. No need to dress your best, this place is meant for you to lounge and chill. However, expect to be a little dumbfounded when you are reading the beer menu, I know I was. But don’t worry. The barkeeps here are experts of the craft and can answer ALL of your questions.

Just like Schneider’s, Grain to Glass also has an indoor/outdoor eating area, where you can be sure to find people enjoying the company of their pets. It’s a kick back type of vibe that you are sure to enjoy.

While sipping on some craft beer, be sure to also take a look at their food menu. The selection includes favorites such as fried mac and cheese balls and juicy burgers. Your pets will thank you when you sneak them a piece of your tasty leftovers for them to try. No need for a doggy bag here.

There’s no more need to worry if your dog is doing fine alone at home, they now have the pleasure of accompanying you on your next meal out. Luckily, the RGV is starting to understand the importance of including ALL members of your family. Be sure to look out for the next part of this series for more places to visit with your pets. I’m sure that’ll make them love you that much more.