5 Nutrition and Diet Myths Debunked


All Carbs Are Evil
Whole Grain Carbs

Myth. We avoid carbs like the plague. For some reason or another, many consumers are under the impression that a single gram of carbohydrate will make them gain a hundred pounds overnight. Obviously, that’s a hyperbole, but the premise of it is based on reality. So let’s get something straight: a carb is a carb. How our bodies use the types of carbs we consume will vary. The human body breaks down or converts most carbohydrates consumed into glucose, the simplest form of sugar. This monosaccharide is absorbed into the bloodstream by a hormone produced in the pancreas called insulin. Insulin then helps glucose become absorbed into the cells of the body where it is used for energy. If we know our bodies are fueled by carbs, why do we think they are so awful? It’s simple. The American diet is rich in processed foods and refined carbs that can negatively affect our metabolism and appetite. The key is to enjoy a diet higher in complex carbs, especially fiber, which take longer to break down and become absorbed.


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