From time to time, you get tired of participating in the same activities, or continuously hitting up the same old spots. It’s always refreshing to try something new, especially if that something makes your wallet happy.  In case you don’t know, there’s a place like this right here in the RGV. 

Take the family back in time to the WesMer Drive-In Theater for a cinematic experience unlike any other.  Or gather a group of friends and enjoy a movie night under the stars.  And for all you lovebirds, it also makes for a perfect date night filled with nostalgia and romance.  The best part about the drive-in theatre experience is watching the movie in the comfort of your own car. Assemble the gang, pack up all your favorite snacks, and get ready to munch out in your pajamas.

Parents this is your chance to give your kids something exciting and new to experience this summer. The WesMer Drive-In Theatre is much less expensive than most regular movie theatres.  There’s a special on the price of admission on Tuesdays; $6 a vehicle (regular admission is $11 a vehicle). 

For the price of one movie ticket at a regular theatre, you’ll have paid for a car full of people to watch not one, but TWO movies. That’s right, the WesMer Drive-In offers double features, which means you’ll definitely get more bang for your buck.

Another wonderful thing about going to the drive-in is that it allows for family and friends to be more social than they could be at regular theater. You can move around, chit chat, and share a meal.  Yes, that’s right. Bringing your own food and beverages is allowed. (However, there is a concession stand available in case you need some additionals snacks). You can even bring a card game to play while you wait for the movie to begin. It really is a wholesome experience unlike any other.

A couple things to keep in mind while preparing for a drive-in movie night are:

Be prepared and bring lawn chairs, picnic blankets, sleeping bags, and heck, maybe even pillows for each family member or friend.

Think ahead and consider how you will be listening to the movie. If you’re planning on watching the movie from the back of a truck or vehicle, bring portable radios for each viewer.

Bring a flashlight just in case. You may need it when walking to the bathroom or to use as light to search through the bag of snacks you’ll have with you.

Bug spray! We live in the Rio Grande Valley for cryin’ out loud.  This is most definitely a must.

Dress comfortably. The reality is you’ll be in your vehicle most of the night, so enjoy the movie by wearing something comfortable, and take into consideration the Valley weather when planning your outfit.

The WesMer Drive-In Theatre is located at 2090 West Business 83, Mercedes, TX 78570, and the box office opens at 7:45 PM. The drive-through ticket booth does not accept credit cards or checks, so please take cash with you. You can listen to the featured films on the frequency 104.7 FM; showings are always posted one week in advance so that you can plan accordingly. If you have any other questions regarding the WesMer Drive-In Theatre please feel free to contact them at (956) 514-9292.

A little fun fact about the WesMer Drive-In…Valley residents claimed the name was short for Weslaco-Mercedes, but it is in fact short for Western Mercedes Drive In.

The WesMer Drive Inn is the last of its kind in the Rio Grande Valley, and it is one of the only drive-in theatres for mile; you won’t see another till you hit San Antonio. 

Make sure you and your family go and visit the WesMer Drive-In for that “something new” you’ve been looking for.