2016-07-12-2Artists require space and resources so that they may paint and inspire their city through the wonder of art. The purpose of art incubators is centered on the idea of artistic development and transformation. The McAllen Creative Incubator is one such culture-expanding site in that it provides a space for artists to cultivate their work professionally while making creative connections with the community at large.

Art and creativity is a necessary element to the success of a city.

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2016-07-12-1McAllen’s Creative Incubator was founded on the idea of increasing and inspiring art from individuals in the community. The facility is now housed in what used to be McAllen’s main library building.  Undoubtedly, the community’s quality of life, by means of art, has been enriched and improved because this facility. 

To begin with, the Incubator has rental studios where tenants can work and teach classes that include painting, drawing, photography, violin, singing, modeling, and more. The space is also used by South Texas College for Continuing Education Classes. Other unique events such as poetry festivals, open mic nights, celebrations, art shows, and music concerts all take place at this wonderful haven.

2016-07-12-4There is no limit to what McAllen’s Creative Incubator can do.

I dare say the Incubator ignited the recent art trend in the region, paving the way for art studios and establishments not only in the city of McAllen, but across the entire Rio Grande Valley.

For instance, Brownsville, as of spring 2016, has an Activating Vacancy Arts Incubator. This facility is set to bring art and innovation to “The Green City”.  The Brownsville Art Incubator is located in the Market Square at the center of Historic Downtown Brownsville.

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2016-07-12-5This awe-inspiring movement will make it possible for artists in the Brownsville area to grow artistically in a region were attaining fundamental needs can be a struggle. This Incubator will definitely compliment Brownsville’s growing art and culture scene by creating a platform for creativity and encouraging collaboration between artists and the community.  This project is partially supported by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.

A creative and cultural economy is one that is built on the positive idea of a “forever economy”. Art and creativity will always be there as long as individuals are allowed to express themselves freely, but in order to do so, there must be facilities and establishments that are Pro-Art.

2016-07-12-6Unsurprisingly, phrases such as “creative economy” or “cultural economy” are becoming a norm in boardrooms all across the nation.  Finally, city planners, art directors, economic developers, and business leaders are recognizing that developing the creative market can benefit a city economically, and are fiercely encouraging entities to grow such cultural institutions.

Surely arts, culture, and creativity help improve a community’s economy.

How? You may ask.

By promoting the expansion of art, a city is given a competitive edge by creating a foundation for defining a sense of place. Art allows people to have a visual feel of where they are; it speaks to them emotionally and entices them to return.

Art Incubators are great attractions and can bring in new visitors. Art galleries and cultural activities bring the community together, and provoke word of mouth marketing, which is a powerful thing. When a city increases the number of visitors within its borders, as well as enhances resident participation by developing cultural centers, it helps stabilize economic and social structure.

These artistic hubs allow the community to gather together and network. A strong community makes for a successful city.

2016-07-12Creatively acknowledging and marketing community assets can lead to a strong workforce and successful businesses, all while helping to develop and sustain a positive quality of life for the citizens.

One could argue that the City of McAllen is the center of art and innovation in the Rio Grande Valley because of its many galleries, art studios, and of course – The McAllen Incubator.   

But Brownsville is beginning to grow their creative hub and so we shall see who will come to be the representative of this region’s art scene.

Cities across the RGV should take great pride in the creativity that their community is capable of.  Look around and don’t be surprised to find fantastic hidden treasures in your own city. 

RGV citizens, express yourselves!  Take advantage of the space and resources to express your unique voice! Be Pro-Art! Be Pro-RGV!

The McAllen Creative Incubator

601 N Main St, McAllen, TX 78504
(956) 687-2787

The Activating Vacancy Arts Incubator

609 E 11th Street Brownsville, Texas