There are many challenges that teachers face, and one of the most important is ensuring all your students have a clear understanding of the lesson you just taught. After a long lecture, it’s not uncommon to find some of your students daydreaming and doodling, while others are actively listening and taking notes. Does this mean that your lecture was boring and poorly planned? Not necessarily.

Working as part of a team at the office or managing employees can also leave you frustrated and wondering why your message isn’t getting through. Is it you? Is it them?

We all have different learning and communication styles. While some people learn from listening, others learn from doing. As George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” It is important for us to identify our strengths and weaknesses in order for us to figure our own learning styles. We are all unique, and our personalities come in every color of the rainbow.

For centuries, psychologist have used personality tests to aid individuals in targeting how they can help themselves and live their lives to their fullest potential.

E-Colors, which was developed in 2004 by Equilibria, is a Personality Diversity Indicator (PDI) designed to help improve communication skills, analyze behaviors and determine working & learning habits to help work at a more effective level. E Colors in Education (2013), a non-profit organization established to utilize these tools in schools around the nation, blossomed from E-Colors.

Dr. Rosalinda Mercado-Garza, a former Principal for Southwest High School in Houston, Texas was invited to host a workshop in her school and welcomed it with open arms. It was brought to her attention that these tools brought nothing but positive contributions to her institution. From then on, Dr. Mercado-Garza has been the CEO of E-Colors in Education and is very active in very our own RGV community. Recently, a partnership was formed with Sylvan Learning Center, to help reach the goal of ECiE by implementing E-Colors in every school across the nation!

This type of analyzation will not only benefit those in the environment of education, but also those who are looking to better understand themselves so they can reach their full potential.

Now here’s the fun part. There are four top colors, which include red, yellow, blue and green, and each represents a specific personality style. There are 12 different combinations that can occur.

Red: “Doer”

Yellow: “Socializer”

Blue: “Relater”

Green: “Thinker”

Based on your results, you will be able to determine what your two highest colors are. From there, a description of your traits is analyzed and you will be able to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are as an individual. From your results, you can also see what types of personalities you most relate to and which ones you do not. A tool such as this can help us all in life, the classroom, the workplace.

Here are a few examples:

Communicating effectively and working well with others

Having different opinions doesn’t always have to mean you can’t work well with somebody. In fact, it could mean you’re able to learn from each other and play on one another’s strengths. E- Colors helps in identifying an understanding of how different personality styles enhance communication not only as an individual but as an organization, it helps in heightening awareness of different styles of communication and behavioral tendencies.


It’s not an easy task to stay committed; it takes hard work to focus and get the jobs done that are required in life and work. With E-Colors, you can find ways to not only work on your own styles of commitment, but influence others in their commitment styles.


It is important for us to take on roles that can help us develop into leadership roles. According to the Forbes article, Are Leaders Born or Made, the single most powerful way to grow as a leader is to become truly self-aware. This is exactly how E-Colors helps in identifying; becoming aware of who you truly are and learning how to build off of that.

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The RGV is one of the fastest growing and progressive areas in the nation right now. Looking further into the E-Colors strategies can help us all become better communicators, and opens countless doors for us as individuals, and as a community.

E-Colors offers a variety of workshops that can be found on their website at To find out what your E-Color is, simply visit the website mentioned above and click on the “Discover your E-Color” tab. There are two versions available online, one for adults/teens and the other for children 12 and under.

E Colors in Education offers training in Professional Development and Leadership training starting at the elementary level, all the way up to college level. For more information on how to bring E-Colors in Education to your institution, visit their website at .

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