Good ol’ Father’s Day is just around the corner and time is running short for all you guys and gals out there who haven’t made that purchase yet.  But luckily for you, the good folks at have decided to provide you with a couple of ideas to get the ball rolling.

Now mind you, this isn’t a very comprehensive list.  It’s a bit simple.  But this was created for those simple moments in Dad’s life.  For those moments of peace when he’s not having to kill roaches, play water-gun fights, wash the cars, mow the lawn, do arts-and-crafts, coach the soccer team, work, throw out the trash, search out monsters, help with homework, and basically be a superhero.

So a big Happy Father’s Day to my own and to all you good fellas out there in the RGV.

1. The Arsenal (a.k.a.  BBQ cookware)

What dad is complete without The Arsenal?  (And yes every one of those BBQ tools is important). 

I’m not a very complicated guy.  Give me some good food and I’m happy.  Ask me to BBQ on a breezy Saturday afternoon, throw in a few brewskies, and now we’re talking paradise. 

I’m pretty sure I could get a couple of dad’s to agree on this one.

And with quality cookware by my side…it’s a whole different game.  Perfectly marinated, just-right fajitas.  Skewered veggies dripping with the right tinge of olive oil and butter.  Burgers achin’ for some bacon.  The possibilities are endless.

Plus it’s a win-win for you.  Dad is happy and you get some great BBQ.  Not a bad gift idea right? (Just make sure Dad actually likes to BBQ.)

2. Time to Hit the Gym

Has Dad been barbequing some ridiculously delicious t-bone steaks the last 12 weekends in a row?  Awesome.  Except for that extra 20 pounds he’s put on from all that scrumptious cooking.

What better way to keep your dad healthy and in great shape than a membership to the gym?  Yeah… he might not be absolutely flattered by this gift, but this is a perfect way of saying, “You’re pretty cool Dad and we want to keep you around for as long as we can.” 

Heck, if you join too, then Dad has a spotter, you get to spend some quality time, and you both end up ripped.

Pretty sure Mom will be happy about this one.

3. Sleek and Fit

You can’t just send Dad to the gym looking sloppy of course.  You have to deck him out in the latest workout gear.  And what’s at the top of the list for every athletic dad out there?

No, it’s not a contract to play for their favorite sports team.  (Or maybe…but let’s be real.)

Fitbit, Jawbone, Iwatch, Misfit, and Garmin Vivoactive are just a few of the fitness tracker choices available to you this Father’s Day.  These fitness devices slash watches (looking at your Iwatch) help to keep all of Dad’s activity tracked for their workout and for their day.  These bad boys monitor heart rate, calorie intake and burning, Dad’s sleep cycle – the whole nine.

Plus they look cool.  And believe me.  Dads are looking for something to help them out with the cool factor.

4. Take Him Out to the Ball Game

Guys love sports.  Dads are guys.  Hence, dads love sports. Not a very complicated equation, but I’m pretty sure it can match up against any mathematical theorem out there.

If your dad is an avid fan of any sports team (I’m guessing Cowboys and Spurs) then why not splurge a little and get him a ticket to one of the games.  Sure, basketball season is pretty much over (boo Warriors), but football is just around the corner and baseball is still going strong.   In fact, Copa America is going on in Houston right now as we speak.

So take a road trip up state, get yourself a couple of 50 yard line seats, order those hotdogs, and get ready for one hell of a ride.  I’m sure Dad won’t forget it.  And neither will you.

5. Maybe Dad is Feeling a Bit Sauwcy (Yeah You Read that Right)

Maybe Dad is more of a homebody type of person and a 7-hour ride to watch the game alongside a couple 1000 strangers may not be his idea of a perfect gift.  But the game is on, and it’s too gorgeous of a Sunday afternoon to waste. 

Light up that grill and get the carnitas ready.

But wait. Bbq without the sauce?  That’s like ice without the cream.  Like rain without the bow.  Like…the Valley without heat.  It’s just doesn’t feel right. 

Make sure Dad has all the right tools and ingredients at his disposal.  A nicely chosen (and unique tasting) sauwce can make all the difference.  And as a dad who likes grilling, it’s nice to have some options on hand.

6. A Little Music to Go with the Night

If it’s a game night.  A grilling night.  Or just a “been a long week I want to unwind” type of night, there’s nothing better than playing some good tunes to relax to.

Take Dad back to the good ol’ days, when life was simpler and music a million times better with a vintage vinyl player (sorry 1-Directioners).

Don’t think you can find one?

No need to worry.  Vinyl players are making a comeback and stores like Barnes & Nobles are starting to carry the players and the albums. 

Yeah, it’s a bit nostalgic and not as easily folded into your pocket.  But there really is something about music blaring from a vinyl player that makes it all worthwhile.

I’m sure dad will enjoy this retro-gift.  And you can pretend to be cool around you friends and talk about your vintage vinyl collection.   

7. Tunes & Brews

I (as a dad) really do enjoy the simple things in life.  Nice evenings with the family.  Good weekends barbequing and jamming out. 

And some of my favorite moments are simply sitting around a kitchen table, having some brews, and listening to some classic songs with the gang.

Only thing is those drinks need to be poured into some nice glasses, because sometimes, those poop emoji cups just don’t cut it.

Now this may not be the perfect gift for every dad, but it’s a nice offering for those of us who are in the know.  A nice mug or set of pint glasses will definitely do the job and Dad (and his friends) will probably enjoy the uniformity.

8. Into the Silence

Sometimes daddy’s need their peace and quite too.  A little bit of breathing room between the barbeques and sports games.   That’s when headphones come in handy. 

But not just any headphones. Wireless is the way to go.

Whether in the gym or watching that movie that nobody else at home wants to see.  Wireless keeps those cords out of sight and out of mind, while giving Dad that peace and relaxation that he most definitely deserves.

9. Last but Not Least

When all else fails take Dad out of reality and place him in Virtual Reality.

Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Razer, and Samsung VR are just a few of the companies working to make a kid-free day a (virtual) reality.  These headsets will provide dads an opportunity to play games, see movies, use apps, and basically be the creators of their own worlds. 

Definitely a little bit more on the expensive side, you’ll at least keep Dad up on the current trends and technology. 

Dad in the Matrix.   Imagine that.