Not Just Another Burger Joint

Not just another burger joint. That is Tower Burger Co.’s claim, and they are not messing around. If there is one burger place that can hold its own against the surge of new burger places opening across the RGV, its Tower Burger in Alamo. It’s easy to zip right by this corner burger joint as you drive south on Tower Road with all the construction taking place. But word has spread and people have found their way.

I was excited for this particular foodie assignment because Tower Burger keeps coming up in so many conversations and everyone has been talking about the great food. I even have heard that it’s very popular for several peoples’ “cheat meal.” When people wait an entire week just to eat there, you know it’s going to be good. 

I decided to try a burger that not only appealed to me but the manager told me was a popular choice amongst his guests. The burger of my choice was the Samburger. It’s a simple creation that comes with a Salmon patty, dill aioli, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions. A Salmon burger you might be thinking? Well let me just justify my burger critic credentials for a minute. As a Registered Dietitian, and an avid foodie, I cannot refrain from trying something healthy that catches my fancy even if it defies the social norm. Yes, I know that burgers are generally associated with red meat. Nonetheless, this burger was amazing and Tower Burger Co. gained a new customer.

The salmon had great flavor and, before anyone thinks to ask, no it didn’t have a “fish taste.” I myself didn’t know what to expect, but was surprised with how tasty a salmon burger could be. The buns themselves were not at all soggy, but had the right amount of toasty crisp inside. The burger came come by itself or with your choice of regular fries or loaded fries that with bacon, cream, scallions, and cheese sauce. I opted for the regular fries and, let me just say, I have nothing bad to say about the meal. I will be back very soon!

I had to also try the other Tower Co. customer favorite. It’s the Blue Buffalo Burger served with bacon, avocado, blue cheese, and original buffalo sauce. From the first bite I instantly knew why it is so popular. As soon as you bite into it, you get flavors coming at you from everywhere. The bun was perfectly toasted and the bacon was at a prefect crisp. The blue cheese and buffalo sauce complemented each other very well. It was a strong taste but it worked. It was never overbearing.

Generally, I try to eat healthy for most of the week but then allow myself a few guilty pleasures on the weekend. I know that these Tower Co. burgers will now be at the top of my list for that weekly splurge.  It’s so worth it! I can see why so many customers enjoy the food. The reputation is well deserved. I will personally be recommending this place and its burgers to anyone who wants a great place to eat.

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A Valley man to the core, I was born and raised in a small town near Rio Grande City. I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Dietetics from UTPA and am now a Registered Dietitian in the RGV working to change the public’s perception of preventative healthcare and healthy living. Health and fitness have always been my passion. Though the popular route to take in this field of health is physical fitness, I went for the nutrition route. Deciding to do so was easy for me. I believe that when it comes to getting healthier or losing weight, nutrition makes up 80% of the health goals while fitness makes up just 20%. Though the majority of my peers went on to become personal trainers or fitness specialists, I took the longer and more important route: nutrition.