code-rgvIf you’re looking for a life changing opportunity, then look no further than Code RGV’s (boot) training course.  (Yes, that’s (boot) training course.  Clever right?)

Well, for all those potential Bill Gates(ses?) out there, this rigorous, but rewarding 12-week learning opportunity will transform novice designers to juggernauts of software development.

You see Code RGV, alongside numerous community partners including Mission Economic Development Corporation, recognizes the innate talents and abilities bubbling here in our local Rio Grande Valley.  And with the software industry searching for talent and diversity in their workforce, our growing RGV just so happens to have what they need. 

Hungry, willing, and capable individuals who just need a bit of training to set them on the path of financial success and lifelong opportunity.

That’s why this meaningfully developed course will stimulate students’ latent abilities by providing them with a curriculum that will make them think like software engineers.

In order to reach this goal, participants will have to absorb programming fundamentals to conquer object-oriented programming while simultaneously working with and challenging their peers so that all parties involved can reach their truest potential.

You’re mission by the end of this course will be to:

– Design and layout responsive web applications

– Build secure full-stack web applications according to common design patterns

– Safely model and store data in SQL and NoSQL databases

– Develop web applications using JavaScript

– Consume and integrate third-party APIs in an application

– Use modern JavaScript browser application frameworks

– Deploy applications to the web using cloud based hosting

– Clearly document and present the projects you’ve build

Code RGV’s mission is for 100% of the graduates from the (boot) training course to not only leave with an industry recognized certificate of completion, but with an offer for employment.  Now those are great odds if you ask me.

But wait there’s more!

Did I mention that this is all free to you?

Yeah, I know.  This sounds to good to be true. 

Well…get ready to be blown away.

Not only will you be learning about the latest technology and software development systems from industry experts.  You’ll also be building your resume by working in unison with other students to solve complex challenges and build projects.  Plus, you’ll also learn soft skills including interviewing tips and the manner by which you can make yourself more desirable for recruitment. 

Oh…did I forget to write that you’ll also receive a personal laptop with all the software necessary to complete the program AND $1000 in monthly living expenses during the 3 months this course runs.  Plus, you’ll also have an opportunity to receive a $500 bonus just for completing this amazing course.   

So if you are interested in (re)(booting) your life in a new and exciting field where your growth is only limited by your hard work and imagination, then sign up here ( to enter a whole new world of potential and possibilities.  Or if you have a friend or know a student that can benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity, then make sure to pass it on.  You’ll probably change somebody’s life.

Heck…I can’t wait to sign up.