There’s an old saying that I’ve always strived to live by to some extent: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

While it’s easy to classify this quote as a myth and ignore the sense of dread you feel every morning you put on those heinous ‘work shoes’ and brace yourself for whatever your day in the office may bring, it’s time we took a second look.

Since we’re currently living in a world that has completely redefined what it means to be successful, why should you have to settle if your current position makes you want to hibernate and eat Ramen noodles for the rest of your life? From the RGV and beyond, countless people are moving on from the whole ‘8-5 and 401K’ dream in exchange for chasing after the things they love.

While such a shift might sound a little scary at first, what could be more exhilarating than living a life where you don’t feel mentally drained every 5 seconds? Even if completely changing your career path is too drastic a move for you, happiness should always come first when it comes to your career.

Whether you’re contemplating a major career change or are just looking for some inspiration to get you far away from that crazy boss of yours, here are 8 signs it’s about time to say sayonara and quit your job:

1. Zzzz’s are commonplace in your office

This may seem a little extreme, but if you find yourself sitting at your desk dozing off frequently, this is a major red flag. It’s a well known fact that when you’re engaged and mentally stimulated, falling asleep is the last thing on your mind. If you’re at work and you can’t seem to fight back those yawns, this means that you would likely prefer to be anywhere else in the world. Whether or not you get enough shut eye, falling asleep at your desk probably means you’re bored and ready to try something new.

2. Pass the alcohol, please

Come Friday, the only thing that will take the edge off your rough work week is a tall glass of liquor. While social drinking is a typical part of the average professional’s weekend plans, there’s a major difference between a few drinks for fun or endless beers to soothe all the stress and anger you felt during the week. If weekends are the only thing getting you through your current job, it’s time to pack your things.

3. No more sugarcoating

In the professional world, you’re likely to come into contact with a few coworkers who make your blood boil. If you’re a professional who enjoys what they do, you put on a good face and deal with it. Or at least you used to. If you find yourself incapable of flashing a fake smile to that coworker who spends their days on personal calls, this is a sure sign something’s not quite right.

4. Boss, who?

When you were first hired, it was your life’s mission to impress the pants off of your boss. Now, when they ask you to do something, you mindlessly utter “yes, of course,” yet continue watching videos on your iPhone as if nothing happened. If you’ve found that over time, your attention to your boss’ needs have stated to slip, this may be a sign that a two-week notice is the next step for you.

5. I can’t go to work, *cough* I’m sick

For you, all those sick days you’ve rounded up over the years are a blessing. If you’d rather spend your time at home Netflix binging shows you’ve seen over 100 times and you don’t feel the slightest need to head to work, this is a sure sign that your current position just isn’t doing it for you anymore.

6. No new friends

As much as you used to love hanging with your coworkers, all you really want is the security of your personal life minus anything that reminds you of your time in the office. When it comes to work parties and events, you pass unless it’s strictly required that you go. If there ever was a clearer sign, it’s this one!

7. Suffocation nation

No matter what you do, your ideas always seem to get shut down at work! If you’re feeling creatively stifled, it’s time to move on. There’s nothing healthy about being in an environment where you feel suffocated and incapable of professional and creative growth.

8. Taking it home

Your stress and unhappiness at your current job is escalating so quickly that your loved ones are feeling the affects too. If your significant other or even your dog is sick and tired of your work-related moodiness, it’s time to get back the life you used to love and hang in the towel.

Life is far too short to spend mindlessly working away at a job that isn’t right for you. If you find yourself exhibiting any of these signs, it might be time to take the plunge and see what else life has in store for you. You can thank me later for this one.