In light of the recent Mother’s Day celebrations (Father’s Day is creeping up too!), while scrolling through your Facebook feed, it is highly likely that you came across several memes boasting: “My kids have paws!”

If you’re anything like me, when reading those words you automatically thought, “Heck yes they do!” As time has gone on, it has been recorded that millennials are choosing pets over having children. Now, that’s something I’m not mad about.

From comforting us when we’re down to sitting through 4 straight hours of Vampire Diaries binging without a single protest, you’ve got to admit, our pets are pretty much the best. From pet-friendly lunch spots in the RGV to ‘Pupaccinos’ being offered at Starbucks, it’s safe to say that the world has taken notice of our infatuation with our furry friends.

At this point, you might be wondering, “Am I obsessed with my pet?” Well, as I’m an obsessive dog parent myself, I’d like to tell you that yes, you are most definitely obsessed with your pet and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If anything, pets brighten up our lives and make us better people. In order to celebrate that fact, here are 7 reasons why you’re unapologetically obsessed with your pet:

1. Foodie Remorse?

Anytime you’re chowing down on that Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey or anything else that’s dangerous for your pet to eat, you instantly feel a sense of guilt. As your pet gazes at you with sad eyes, all you really want to do is give them a big hug! Of course, as you love your pet more than life itself, you overcompensate next time and buy them a little treat they can snack on while you get chocolate wasted.

2. More Babies!

In conversation, you often find yourself casually discussing your pets with the same amount of consideration you would with your human children. Despite the fact that society says you have one human daughter, you beg to differ and argue that your two cats are in fact your sons as well.

3. Spooning All Day Everyday

Despite the fact that you’ve probably spent enough to purchase a Sleep Number on pet beds over the years, that surely doesn’t stop you from letting your fur baby have their way with your bed at night. Now if this entails having your significant other pushed to the edge of the bed while you and your fur child spoon away, that is totally okay with you.

4. Special Goodbyes

Leaving for work every morning isn’t easy for you. As your pet watches you put your shoes on and grab your car keys, a small part of you dies on the inside. To make this up to them, as you drive away, you roll your window down and mouth ‘I love you’ while making heart signs with your hands to let them know that you’ve got to go so that they can keep feasting on that fancy dog chow they love so much.

5. Social Media Stars

Rather than taking photos of your food or your latte like most people, you go the extra mile and make your accounts all about your special friend. From desperately trying to get the Snapchat filter to recognize your pet’s face to creating them their own Instagram account to chronicle their many adventures, social media is just another outlet you use to shower your pet with love and make sure the RGV and beyond knows it.

6. Vet Social Hour

A trip to the vet isn’t just a mundane experience for you; it’s a chance to finally connect with people in the RGV who understand you! Instead of fearfully waiting for your pet to come out, you rely on the friends you make at the vet to help you get through it. After all, you guys want nothing but the best for each other, mainly, healthy children!

7. The Love is Mutual

What’s best of all is that all the love you pour into your relationship with your pet is reciprocated. They follow you around, listen to you talk, watch you eat and happen to love all of your favorite shows as much as you do (even Game of Thrones!). Just knowing this fact makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Some people want babies and others are perfectly content with four-legged friends. That’s just how things are and that’s perfectly okay. While some might find your endless love for your pet overbearing, keep calm and remind them that love can be found in various forms of human.