Do you ever get on Pinterest in search of DIY art deco projects only to find that an entire 24 hours has gone by? You’re are as overwhelmed at the end as when you started your brainstorming session. Your dog is begging you to take him out for a walk after an entire day of neglect, and all you feel is this newfound realization that your creativity meter runs the width of a pen point compared to the DIYers on sites like YouTube, Etsy, Pinterest, and Reddit. It seems like every DIYer you encounter online is some mystical unborn child of Martha Stewart and Tony Stark who can recreate the Sistine Chapel – building and artwork – out of a pencil and some paper.

If you’re the type of person who can’t make a dining room table for eight out of some carpenter’s glue and plywood you found on the side of the road, then we’ve got some realistic DIY projects that you’ll actually enjoy making. Whether you’re new to the DIY scene or are close to giving up hope on anything homemade, these DIY home decoration projects are for you. All you need are some basic arts and crafts supplies in addition to fabrics and other pieces you can find for cheap at a local store.

Playing With Fabrics and Patterned Paper

Some basic household items and clothes can double as decorative pieces. Take fabric as an example. If you have a scarf lying around that has an intricate pattern or a neat shape, pin it to your wall. This is probably as simple as it gets. But, if you’re in for a bit more of a challenge than hanging accessories on your walls, read on. 

A really fun way to use fabric or wallpaper that you don’t want to use on an actual wall is to frame them. Find some vintage frames at a local shop, flea market or garage sale and fit the fabric or wallpaper inside. This takes minimal supplies, and the outcome is always better than you expect. Spray paint the frame for a full makeover.

Is a frame too bulky for your tastes? Easy fix. Wrap the fabric or wallpaper around a piece of Styrofoam, a wood block or a rectangular canvas. Simply staple the patterned fabric to the fixture, and voila! Doing this for wall-to-floor fixtures with a damask wallpaper would look elegant and classy without making you break the bank.

Cardboard Boxes and Crate Displays

Got some old shoe boxes or packaging boxes lying around? Repurpose them as wall frames for light-weight items. Trim or cut them down to an appropriate size for your wall, add a coat of spray paint, a layer of wallpaper to the inside, and you’ve got yourself a boxed display frame. Make a few of these to assemble close together on a wall. Make sure to only use small, light items to place inside!

For larger cardboard boxes or crates, opt for a make-shift window picture frame to mount on your wall. Cut some thin wood pieces to act as dividers and paint the box throughout. Pop in some pictures, and you’re ready to go.

Accent Walls that Make a Bang

If you’re in the mood for something really bold and daring, go for a sequined wall. Simply attach large neutral colored foam boards to your wall and layer colored wrapping paper of your choice over the foam. Using small sequin pins, attach large sequins to the wrapping paper until the wall is covered. A sequined wall is definitely a “wow” piece and can take a while to finish, but it’ll be worth the compliments you’ll get from guests.

Is a sequined wall too much for your liking? You can still make a cool metallic statement wall using foil paper and a geometric pattern. This is another DIY project that will take some time and effort, but you’ll feel better knowing it was made by your hand. Purchase large rolls of foil paper and decide on a pattern to begin cutting or folding the paper. You’ll want to draw the design on your wall first using a regular pencil. Simply glue the foil paper on a clean, blank wall. It requires few materials and is easy to remove if you like to change up your decorations often.

Reusing Household Items

If you find you have a lot of something, try to come up with a creative way to reuse those items as home decorations. With minimal work, those items could serve as all new accent pieces in your bedroom, living room, or patio or porch. This could be junk you just haven’t had a chance to toss out like old t-shirts and paintings. You can create a garland out of old cloth and t-shirts by ripping the cloth into strands and tying them to yarn. Use as many colors, fabrics and textures as you want. If you have old paintings you’re thinking of selling or throwing away, try giving them a facelift first. Use stencil letters to write your favorite phrase or quote on the painting. Paint over the stencils, let the paint dry and then remove the letters to reveal a brand new art piece.

We’d love to hear how you are getting your creativity on RGV! Show off your DIY projects in the comments below! Let’s all inspire each other to upcycle, repurpose, have fun and create awesome art deco pieces.