It’s the Playoffs Baby!

Photo courtesy of, "The Official Site of the National Basketball Association,"

It’s that time of the year again ladies and gents…NBA playoffs baby!  Now I know we live in Texas, and this is a football state, but c’mon.  No look passes! Alley-oops! Buzzer beaters! Curry…LeBron…Kawhi…need I say more? 

So let’s talk about the possible contenders. 

And just as a reminder…I’m no analyst.  Just a guy who loves the game.

# 1 Golden State Warriors

What can be said about these guy’s that the media hasn’t already covered? 

They’re last year’s reining champs.  They had a recording breaking start on their way to 73-9 season, surpassing the ’95-’96 Bull’s for the winningest single season in NBA history. 

The Warriors beat a record set by da Bulls.  And not just any of da Bulls teams.  This was Jordan’s team.  This was da Bulls they will speak of for generations to come

So I think it’s safe to say Golden State is the team to beat.  As of right now, Warriors are up 2-1 in their series against Portland, but things can change over night.

My NBA insider (*Aaron cough cough*) claims that Thompson, Green, Bogut, Barnes, Livingston, and the rest, are more than capable of handling the Trailblazers.  Which is somewhat true.

The reality is that D. Lillard probably won’t have another 40 point game this series.  And Thompson or Green just might.

So yes…Warriors have this series.  But Portland aren’t the Spurs.  Or the Cavs. Or even the Thunder.

I hate to say it, but these guys have played lights out all year.  I mean frustratingly well.  They beat my teams.  They broke records.  Plus they had fun while doing it.

But this is the playoffs, which means any weakness will be exploited, and the wolves smell blood.  The Warriors need Curry to win the ‘ship.

I doubt anybody is running at 100% right now, but you can’t have your MVP on the bench. Not against LeBron…Durant…or the Spurs…

Warriors 4-2 this series.

# 2 Spurs       

Sorry fellow Texans, I’m not a fan.  Doesn’t mean I don’t respect the organization. They’re just not my cup of tea.  But with that being said, the Spurs still have the history, skills, experience, and leadership to win another. 

Pop is still running a tight ship.  Aldridge is doing damage.  Kawhi can’t be ignored.  And this is the Spurs.

Now with all do respect, OKC is just a tougher challenge than Portland.  The combo guard of Durant and Westbrook is unlike any other in the game right now.  Sure Thompson and Curry are lights out, but Durant and Westbrook have an athleticism that can’t be matched.

But again. This is the Spurs. 

Yes, Kawhi and Aldridge might have to carry the team.  But Ginobili might just have one big game to help lift them over this hurdle.  Or maybe it will be Parker. Or Mills. Or Diaw.  Or really any one of the other role players that can give a solid 20 and 10 on any given night.   

Because remember.  This is the Spurs. 

Which means you never know what to expect, or perhaps who to expect, to take the challenge.

And so what if your Hall-of-Famer is on the bench. Even at the age of 40 the name Duncan still strikes fear in the NBA.  There always seems to be quite storm brewing within Timmy, and even if he’s gone down to a drizzle, wherever there’s Thunder, there’s lightning. 

Spurs 4-3 this series.

# 3 Cavs

I’m going come right out and say it.  I’m a LeBron fan.  In fact…long live the King. 

Sure he hasn’t been a Jordan. Or a Kobe for that matter.  But he’s still a threat.  Plus take into account that this year he has a healthy Irving and Love and well…Cavs are coming out the East.

They just finished sweeping the Hawks while the Heat and Raptors battle it out for a conference final cameo.  They also broke an NBA record for most 3’s in one game. 

And according to my other NBA insider (*Rob cough cough*), alongside several other news outlets, the Cavs are shooting a higher 3-point percentage than the Warriors.

Of course this is the East. 

No other team in this conference can truly put up a fight against the West.  Be it Golden State, San Antone, or even OKC.

But this isn’t any other team.  This is the Cavs who have arguably one of the best individual players of all time, alongside a trusty team who can make up for his weaknesses.

So Cleveland obviously has this conference, but the question is can they challenge the West.

I’d say yes.

And I’m willing to bet a beer on it.

Cavs win Championship 4-3.

See you at the game!