Each year as Mother’s Day rolls around, there’s a high possibility you’ll find yourself frustrated as you spend hours at the mall hunting down the ultimate gift. If you’re lucky, you’ll probably find something decent like the latest Estee Lauder perfume or that Michael Kors handbag your mom’s had her eye on.

While there’s nothing wrong with these traditional gifts, it’s amazing to think about the impact our moms have had on our lives. Yes, she gave us life (come on—just for that she deserves an Olympic medal), helped solve problems, large and small, like a boss, and is always there as our biggest cheerleader. You’ve got to admit, moms are pretty much modern-day superheroes.

Don’t you think it’s time we start putting in a little more effort when it comes to showing our appreciation? I’m not one to deny the magical power of a designer handbag, but let’s face it, mom deserves more! This Mother’s Day, you’re mama deserves something straight from the heart rather than the mall.

As much as this might sound like something from a Hallmark commercial, moms actually cherish the cheesiest gifts the most. From makeshift Christmas ornaments to horribly made potholders, my mom has kept it all throughout the years. Yet, when it comes to the fancier things I’ve bought her, they’re nowhere to be found. Are you catching on here?

This Mother’s Day, step out, change things up, be different and get a little crafty for the number one woman in your life. If you’re in need of creative inspiration, I’ve got your back! Here’s ten ways to put a smile on your mom’s face this Mother’s Day:

1. Oh so sweet

So, let me let you in on a little secret, for most females, there’s one thing on this planet that will always make us feel like royalty: sweets! From cupcakes to donuts, there’s no denying that fact that we can’t pass up a good sugar fix. On Mother’s Day, satisfy your mom’s sweet tooth on a whole other level by making her personalized cookies that describe why she’s so wonderful! What’s even sweeter is that you have creative freedom. Doubling the sweetness might even bring a tear to your mom’s eye.

2. Give Thanks

So this one’s super important. It’s no secret that we tend to get caught up in our own lives and forget to thank mom for all the incredible things she has done for us over the years. Truth be told, there’s nothing more gratifying for a mother than a sincere ‘thank you’ from her child. Show her how much you care by hand making her card she’ll never forget! Just make sure to fill it up with the good mushy stuff.

3. Cheesy is always good

As much as you may want to gravitate away from the horrid kindergarten-level DIY gifts of the past, you’re older now so it’s time that you give it another go. Nowadays, you can literally turn photos into anything. If your mom is a flower junkie, why not make her an insanely cute vase with your face on it? If she’s got walls to fill why not create a pic collage or paint and decoupage a canvas?

4. She’ll thank you later

With all the subscriptions out there (Birchbox, Pizza of the Month Club, etc.), now is the time that you start thinking about mom! While some of these subscriptions may seem a little boring or gimmicky (a $60 pizza, really!?), there are some perfect choices for moms in need of a little pampering or R & R. Seriously, if you sign your mom up for the Wine of the Month Club, you might become the favorite child.

5. Quality time

While this idea doesn’t require you to make a mad dash to Hobby Lobby, it has some serious significance. As we get older, spending time with mom doing the things she loves becomes a rare occurrence. This Mother’s Day, surprise mom by agreeing to accompany her wherever she’d like (and I mean wherever—the heinous shoe section of Burlington Coat Factory included). Make a day of it! You’ll be astounded by the effect such a simple act can have (and mom will be too).

6. Brunch in Bed

I would’ve said breakfast in bed, but let’s face it, your mom deserves a little extra shut eye on her special day. Go all out with this one and make a brunch spread complete with all the fixins’ and top it off with a mimosa or two to remind your mom just how special she is.

There’s no time like the present to put your creative gloves on and show mom a little love. While Mother’s Day seems to serve as a reminder to appreciate all the amazing mothers and maternal figures in our lives, spread the spirit of this special celebration throughout all 365 days of the year—trust me, your mom deserves it.