It’s hard to push back thoughts of the ocean breeze and sandy beaches when the weather outside is so delightfully warm. Summertime is creeping up on us, folks, just like those extra pounds around the belly. With just two months left for bikinis and flip-flops, it’s time to shed those pounds and prepare for a long summer under the sun. You don’t have to break your back at the gym to get into your beach body.

A few lifestyle changes with some smart accessorizing can get you the beach-ready look you want. Click To Tweet

Check out these simple tips to get you ready for oodles and oodles of beach fun.

Stay Hydrated

Do you ever think about what you’d find in the Fountain of Youth? My bet is good, ol’ water. Hydration can go a long way in making your skin look bright, even, and youthful. Cut the caffeine and sugary drinks for at least 72 hours before sporting your bikini. Instead, drink at least eight cups of water each day.

Accessories With a Purpose

Adding patterns and colors to your bathing suit will spice up your look and give you the confidence of a Victoria Secret model on a photoshoot. Pick a style that is flattering to your shape. Try a caftan to showcase your legs or a slip dress for your décolletage. A simple switch from a pair of flip-flops to wooden wedges will slenderize your body and lengthen your legs.

Catch Some Z’s

 It may be a rarity, but eight hours of sleep should be your goal on any given day. If you want your eyes and skin to look rested and refreshed, start by getting at least six hours two weeks before your island or pool getaway. A healthy sleeping pattern can also help maintain or regulate your metabolism, too. Think about it. Feeling tired throughout the day usually leads to extra calories from snacks and beverages to keep you awake.  You won’t reach for that mid-afternoon bag of chips if you’re well-rested.

Do Simple Workouts

 Squats, planks, and donkey kicks will help slim your thighs, flatten your tummy, and perk up your butt. These are easy to do at home and in small spaces, even while you watch TV. Add some low-weight dumbbells to the mix to tone your arms in all the right places. 

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Who can say no to Maravillas cookies in the morning and a yummy pasta for dinner? It’s no secret that a well-balanced diet is the major factor in maintaining your ideal body weight. All it takes is a little will power and commitment. Plan your meals ahead of time to reduce the likeliness of buying fast-food.

Remember, include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet with whole grains and lean meats. Click To Tweet

Beware of Diet and Exercise Fads

With so much nutrition information available on the web and new data reaching the consumer market constantly, it can be tricky to weed out false information. When looking for ways to burn off extra pounds, be cautious of those bogus diet and exercise fads. The most popular ones you might encounter right now include sugar-free or fat-free foods, fat burners, and special diets trends.

You’ll see sugar-free and fat-free labels in almost every aisle of a grocery store. But, don’t fall for the hype.  A reduction in one nutrient usually means an increase in the other. Flavor has to be replaced somewhere, so foods that are sugar-free probably have added fat and vice versa.

Ever been told that you should never cheat on a diet and snacking is bad? It’s not true. Forcing yourself to think you’re on a diet often results in failure. It’s almost a rebellious and selfish instinct to break a diet and then start a new one the following week. Instead, focus on eating wholesome foods on a day-to-day basis. Snacks are welcome. As mentioned before, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Take it a step further by incorporating low-sodium foods and health fats in your intake patterns.

A well-balanced diet is all you need. Don’t fall for the latest diet crazes and exercises regimens in which you only eat fruits, drink vegetable juice for a month, and do 1,000 crunches every night. If a friend is trying to convince you to take fat burners or to try the latest fasting diet, it’s best to avoid those suggestions. Only you know what your body can handle. That’s not to say you should limit yourself in food choices and physical activities. Establish a nutritious diet and exercise routine that works for you and you’ll be beach-body ready in no time.

Body Wraps and Spa Days

Taking a relaxing retreat at a local spa before squeezing into your favorite bikini can do wonders for your comfort and confidence. Body wraps offer a quick fix to toning your skin and shedding a couple of pounds, which are mostly water weight. Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated just minutes after treating yourself to a body wrap or full body treatment. Schedule yourself for treatment at least one day before bikini time as the effects of body wraps and similar treatments are temporary, about 72 hours. Some of our most popular local spas include:

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