The Valley Escape Room is a real life escape game where you and nine others are locked in a room trying to solve clues, puzzles and riddles in 60 minutes to save yourself and mankind.

This season’s theme is World War Z where you’re trapped in a room looking for clues for a cure to save mankind. But remember, there is a zombie waiting to eat the flesh from your bones! You might get comfortable knowing that the zombie is chained, but every five minutes, 15 inches of chain will be loosened, bringing the zombie closer and closer to you.

Think you have what it takes to escape? Schedule your attempt at The cost is $20 per person and walk-ins are not allowed.

My friends and I thought we had what it took….so we scheduled our attempt.

My Mission

The 10 of us started united and strong. Together, we were determined to find the cure that was left behind. The hope slipped as one by one, our crew succumbed to the disease. Time was quickly running out and the chance to save humanity narrowed. Four remained on our journey, which had brought us to the one room that would change it all.

As the four of us trickled in this dimly-lit room, the door slammed shut behind us. Our eyes scanned each other in horror as I sprinted toward the door. My hand frantically turned the doorknob unsuccessfully. Taking a deep breath, I realized we were locked in. We. Were. Locked. In.

The one chance to save humanity was in this room. The rumor amongst the last known survivors was that a scientist successfully found the cure to zombiism, and before she was bitten, she locked it in this room along with a way out.

But time was against us. It was always against us.

Hesitantly, everyone scattered around the room looking for any sign of hope as the pictures on the wall called my attention. An uneasy wave of fear engulfed my body. My palms started to perspire. The thumping in my chest raced faster. My breathing narrowed and the little hairs on my neck stiffened.

The world stopped. Silence.

ARGH! A zombie lunged at me from my side. Inches from a swipe, I held my breath and closed my eyes.

Was I still alive?

Still lunging at me, I opened my eyes. The zombie’s chain saved me. She’s chained. Ha! She’s chained! The four of us chuckled, as luck seemed to be on our side. We resumed our search far away from the ugly undead.

But we were running out of time. Time seems to run faster when fear is involved. Five minutes in that room felt like two seconds.

BUZZ! BUZZ! BUZZ! This annoying loud sound came from behind the zombie. Growing more agitated, the zombie started growling louder. With one eye on the zombie, we all grew confused as the loud sound kept ringing.

ARGH! ARGH! The zombie sprinted toward me again as I inhaled a long deep breath paralyzed with fear. Heading straight for me, I closed my eyes.

Did my luck run out? Did I die? Did we save humanity? Did we escape the room?

Find out if we were turned into zombie meat or saved the world through the Valley Escape Room Facebook or Instagram! They post up cool pictures of your victory or defeat. Look for Team Action League!