The college basketball season is winding down, but for many casual fans, it’s just started. March Madness has begun and if you haven’t filled out a bracket, now is the time to do so. Here are five reasons to fall in love with this annual event.

The Cinderella Story

College basketball can have a different feel than other sports on television. The team that comes out of nowhere and gets past powerhouse colleges in a winner-takes-all tournament can sound good, but lately, it’s been continuously happening.

A team that doesn’t get as much national exposure as Michigan State or North Carolina but shakes things up for everyone is just one reason to love March Madness. Who’s going to be this year’s surprise team and just how far will they go?

The Office Pool

You see it every year. One guy at the office prints out a March Madness bracket and talks everyone into filling it out, possibly for a chance to win a few bucks. Of course, this brings all of the hardcore and casual basketball fans out as well as the people who have no idea who are playing who. But what are the odds for filling out a winning bracket?

Last year, ESPN offered a free challenge to anyone who wanted to fill out a bracket for thousands of dollars in prizes called the “Tournament Challenge”. In 2015, there were an unusually high amount of upsets and out of over 11 million brackets turned in, only 14 had the correct picks HALFWAY through the tournament!

The Drama

CBS has done a great job with stories on who these basketball teams are and where they come from, but sometimes, the stories aren’t needed and the drama unfolds before our eyes.

In 2013, Louisville was grinding it out against Duke. Up by one with six minutes to go in the first half, Kevin Ware went up to block a three-pointer and landed awkwardly, suffering a compound fracture in his lower right leg so severe that the bone broke through his skin. Teammates fell to the floor in shock and the injury silenced the crowd. Even more shocking was that Ware calmly whispered to his coach and teammates, ”I’m going to be good, just go out and win this game.”

Louisville regained their composure and gutted out the win, then strung together two tougher wins to capture a National Championship with the basketball world cheering them on.

Duke Basketball

With years of success, the Duke Blue Devils have possibly become the most loved/hated team in America. Ten Final Four appearances, eight National Championship game appearances and five championships since 1990 have shown teams playing against Duke that they better bring everything they have because this team knows how to win.

Rooting for the Home State Team

This year, the UTRGV women’s basketball team came up short from having a tournament bid, but there are still many Texas teams in the Big Dance this year, including the Longhorns, Texas Tech and Texas A&M. So, get your burnt orange or raider red outfits on, wear them proudly and show your support!