Galax Z Fair is upon us. People from all walks of life will soon fill downtown McAllen’s 17th Street eagerly waiting to hear their favorite musicians perform. To an outsider, this eclectic scene of meshing worlds can be intimidating.

Not knowing who fits your musical tastes and which performer will put on the best show can seriously ruin the first time experience. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We listed our top four performers to catch at this year’s Galax Z Fair and it’s sure to make you a fan of this cool music scene.

Mr Twin Sister

Mr Twin Sister is an entrancing five-member American band from Long Island, New York. Their music can be described as being transcended onto a cloud into complete relaxation. With Mr Twin Sister’s lead singer Andrea Estella’s amazing vocals, Veronica Mars creator/director Rob Thomas featured her in the 2014 crowdfunded Veronica Mars movie, landing Mr Twin Sister on the movie’s soundtrack as well.

Having opened for The Strokes’ lead singer, Julian Casablancas, and played at 2015 Pitchfork Music Festival, this chill wave, dream-pop, disco band will have everyone swaying their hips into bliss.


Rolling Stone reviewed Mitski as “edged with heavy riffs that at various times recall Black Sabbath and even Liz Phair.” Mitski’s explosive 2014 debut, “Bury Me at Makeout Creek”, collided punk feminist heartbreak into penetrating song lyrics. Her follow-up album, “Puberty 2”, takes listeners on a journey where happiness and sadness go hand-in-hand. Brutally romantic, Mitski will invigorate and inspire those listening.

Shannon and the Clams

Think of 1960s meeting garage punk. With a sultry, addicting voice that pulls in every listener, Shannon and the Clams bring headbanging to their vintage feel. With their newest album, “Gone by Dawn”, not only do they bring doo-wop sweet sounds and dose it with some punk rock, they also take the listener on a journey of emotional lyrics.

Rolling Stone reviews “Gone By Dawn” as “if the campy atmosphere nods to the B-52s, the drama is all Morrissey.” Balancing a perfect blend of opposite worlds, Shannon and the Clams is 100% original music that you must take a listen to.

Mykki Blanco

Besides bringing the beats, rapper Mykki Blanco has been breaking down the barriers of gender-specific rap by battling homophobia and racism. With his experience being arrested in Portugal for being gay or being targeted by anti-LGBT activists, Mykki Blanco, or Michael David Quattlebaum, Jr., doesn’t identify with labels.

Inventing a rap character in 2010, Quattlebaum created Mykki Blanco “as a video art project about a teenage girl who wanted to become a rapper.” With over a half million views on YouTube, his rap career took off. Now being called one of “hip hop’s queer pioneers”, this multi-gender performance artist, musician and activist will leave you inspired and ready to take on the world.

With many more artists invading McAllen this Saturday, March 12th and Sunday, March 13th, we know that these artists are just the tip of the iceberg. Doors open at 4:00 PM both days at Yerberia Cultura. Don’t miss the biggest alternative music scene in the valley! We’ll see you there!