Entering the wine aisle can seem overwhelming, especially to a newbie. With bottle descriptions like tannin, lush, white wine or red wine, trying to get your foot in the door of the world of wine can seem impenetrable. Thanks to wonderful technology, though, you can also be a wine aficionado! Quick, grab a wine glass and check out some of these free wine apps!

Vivino Wine Scanner

Is that bottle calling your name? Hesitant to pick it up because of the fancy description? No worries, just take a photo of the label with this app and it will give you instant reviews, ratings and average prices. You can also browse wines, create your own wine list, get recommendations for wines in-app, as well as find out where to buy wines nearby.


With this app, you’re able to not only have instant wine recognition from a photo, but also have ratings, reviews and tasting notes. You can follow top sommeliers, winemakers and wine pros for extra tips and recommendations. What’s great about this app is that it lets you tag your friends and locations to remember where you tasted that great bottle of wine along with curating a wine list specifically for your taste buds. The best part is you can use this app to order wine.

Hello Vino

Don’t know much about names, types and wine pairings? That’s perfectly fine because Hello Vino takes it one step further than scanning labels by having a wine professional ON CALL. That’s right, have a wine aficionado right in your ear. Actually, an educated team based in California wine country can help you find the perfect bottle! You also score great insider wine deals, wine gift ideas and it has the largest food and wine-pairing database in all of the App Store.


Its one thing to acquire a knowledgeable wine pallet, but it’s another to not get tongue-tied trying to pronounce what you’re tasting. Plonk allows you to listen to pronunciations of each grape and wine style. You can show off your mad wine knowledge by finding out which grapes pop up in certain wine styles and gloat about it by sharing with friends on Facebook, Twitter or email!

“The Tasting Guide” by Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Bring your “A” game to the wine party with this app. Brand new to wine? No problem, this app has Wine 101 which details tips on wine basics from how-to-read wine labels to learning the best methods of cooking with wine. The Tasting Guide helps you find detailed reviews, ratings and over 2,000 new wine, beer and spirit reviews every month!

Aside from scanning labels to get instant information, this app has top lists of best buys, cellar selections, beers and spirits from an experienced and enthusiast wine team. With these great apps, you can also impress your friends or just indulge on some yummy tasting vino! Can someone point to the nearest wine store?