You’ve been good, eating right and exercising. Then your friends hit you up to dine out. With the abundance of restaurants in the Rio Grande Valley, you might be feeling the pressure of blowing all your hard work. What if dining out doesn’t mean breaking your healthy eating? Put away your spandex pants and stay on track with these tricks.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Have an idea of where or what you want to eat? If you know those greasy tacos from down the street are going to make you feel bloated and gross, then opt for a healthy sandwich shop. If your friends already picked out the restaurant, then prepare an idea of what you want to eat. By being prepared, the chances are slimmer that you’ll let restaurant peer pressure influence your food choices.

Go for the Green

Do you already know you’re going to overindulge? Order a salad to slow down your appetite. You can slash your meal’s calorie count by nearly a quarter according to By ordering up on your greens, you not only eat less, but also remind yourself of goals making you more likely to keep overindulging at bay.

Don’t Be Fooled

Your eyes might be drawn to the buttery, breaded, fried, scalloped or a la mode versions of your favorite foods but your stomach might be regretting it later. These words all mean the same thing: unhealthy. Don’t be fooled.

Skip the Dessert

Put that fork down! You got through the entire meal feeling satisfied and great. Why blow it all for that triple fudge brownie now? You can always have a small candy or piece of chocolate at home. Satisfy your sweet tooth but don’t compromise all of your hard work.

Let’s Go Eat!

So when your friends ask what you want to eat, keep in mind all of the eateries the Rio Grande Valley has to offer. Remember these tips on how to eat right when eating out. We promise you can still have a great healthy meal while spending time with friends and family.