Armed with a positive mindset of eating healthy, you start your grocery shopping adventure down the aisles but come to a standoff. On the right side is the healthy choice. Pricing in at $3.77 is a fresh and organic head of broccoli. The contender on the left side at $2.97 is a box of 10 Twinkies!

Conflicted, you understand that the Twinkies will provide you with 10 snacking opportunities, giving you more bang for your buck. No! Put those Twinkies down! You can get more bang for your buck and still eat healthy by following these tips.

Don’t Shop Hungry – Plan!

No! Stop! You’ll release a hungry monster that will start grabbing everything in its path. Instead, before hitting up the grocery store, plan out which meals you’re going to cook for the week and write down the necessities. That way you’re armed and ready, only looking for what you need. The more prepared you are when you get to the store, the less impulse purchases you’ll make.

Skip the Fancy Labels

Store brands often have the same exact ingredients as big name brands. Instead of overpaying for the fancy packaging and advertising, go for the store brands. You’ll find that your wallet won’t shrink as fast and it’s just as tasty.

Bulk It Up

Many carbs like pasta, rice and oats are available in bulk for a discounted price than individual serving meals. By buying in bulk, not only will you be getting the nutrients you need, you’ll also save money in the process.

Buy Frozen

When not in season, fresh produce can empty your wallet pretty quickly. Instead, go check out the frozen section! You’ll get more bang for your buck with larger frozen produce bags. Not only does this save you money, it also cuts preparation time in half since frozen fruits and veggies are pre-washed and precut.

Recipes for Home

Generally, you can feed an entire family of four for the same price as buying food for two at a restaurant. Save some money and pick up some new recipes to cook at home. Pinterest has a variety of healthy, easy to cook recipes for everyone. By learning new recipes and cooking your meals at home, you can relieve some stress on your wallet while having some tasty meals.

You Can Do It!

You don’t have to bust your wallet in order to eat healthy. Remember that although you might be persuaded to go for that box of Twinkies from time to time, junk foods will cost you your health in the long run. Just remember these tips when trying to eat healthy.