It’s that time again, when stores have puked up pink and red, every restaurant is overcrowded with cupid’s love-struck couples, flowers seem to be attacking the florist and cheap chocolates reign supreme. If cupid’s arrow has struck everyone except you, you might be wondering what to do this Valentine’s Day.

Sure you can close the curtains, grab the ice cream tub and wallow in self-pity to forget the pressure of Valentine’s Day, or you can come out and rejoice in being single on Singles Awareness Day!


Singles Awareness Day started out as a humorous counter holiday to Hallmark’s Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate being single with other single friends, family or to just spoil yourself. Originally celebrated on Valentine’s Day, Single Awareness Day, or S.A.D., shifted to February 15th. By giving singles a fresh new day, they were allowed to break free from the stigma of a self-pity binger to a day of life celebration with friends, family and being single.

Treat Yourself

Single Awareness Day serves as a reminder to everyone that you’re worth the giant teddy bear at the store and shouldn’t be ashamed to buy it for yourself. Maybe you want a night out on the town with friends, spoil yourself with a spa day or take a painting class you’ve been procrastinating to join. You have no reason not to celebrate this Singles Awareness Day the way you choose.

Just Celebrate!

Other strong, unattached and independent singles from will be celebrating this Singles Awareness Day with bowling, laser tag, drinks and pool at Main Event Entertainment in Pharr on February 13th from 9:00 PM until midnight. It’s free to RSVP to the event on under the “New Friends” group and everyone is encouraged to attend. Come mingle and stick it to cupid by celebrating Singles Awareness Day by creating new memories with new friends.