No te enganches #Todopasa by Cesar Lozano

Why complicate your life? Why worry instead of taking control of what you can control? Why respond to shouting and insults with more shouting and insults? Don’t get drawn in! Search out happiness and put a positive spin on life. Too many problems are waiting just around the corner to get involved in confusion, anger, and resentment. Don’t get drawn in! Enjoy, create, be bold and proactive, and discover the best path for living fully, and don’t wonder “How?” any longer! Discover it for yourself in these pages full of humor, life lessons, and effective solutions for living a better life. Don’t Get Drawn In!, César Lozano’s new book, is an invitation to improve yourself, triumph in life, and be extremely happy.

Dr. César Lozano has been one of the most sought-after coaches in Mexico, the United States, and Central and South America for over 18 years. He is the host of the Live Today segment on the program Today on Canal de las Estrellas, as well as the Live Better feature on the Monterrey Televisa News. He is also author of Wake Up! Life Goes On, Glimmers: Reflections That Will Shed More Light on your Life, A Good Way to Say Goodbye, For the Pleasure of Living, Bully Phrases, and The Easy Side of Difficult People. He has given conferences and training programs for more than 15 million people, who have gained valuable tools for improving themselves on the topics of Quality in Service, Leadership, Human Relationships, Sales, and Positive Attitudes.

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