Thanksgiving dinner will leave you feeling plump and maybe even borderline sick, but don’t think you’ll have time to kick your feet up and wait for it all to go down. No sir, Christmas shopping starts immediately after that last bite of pumpkin pie. What are your options? It’s time to gear up (literally) and get ready to do some holiday shopping.

The Lazy Shopper

Not really into large crowds of people acting like monsters and fighting over TVs and gaming systems? Then online shopping is just for you. Picture this: you wake up groggy and still tired from whatever you did the day before and walk over to your computer. You sit down with coffee in hand and find yourself a few clicks away from getting all the gifts you need. Pretty great, huh? Online deals on websites for Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart can give you the perfect savings without ever having to leave your home.

The All-Out Shopper

If urban camping, long lines and a thirst for blood are to your liking, then old-school holiday shopping is exactly what you’re looking for. But before packing your rations, suiting up and heading out the door, there are a few tips you might find useful:
• Make your list ahead of time – This goes without saying, but keeping a list of items you want and sticking with it will make your shopping much more efficient and successful.
• Bring a buddy – Having a friend or family member along with you can definitely make things easier. They can stand in line for you while you wreak havoc at the electronics section or can help carry your bags to the car.
• Leave the kids – The last thing you want on your conscience is a trampled child. Do the right thing and leave them at home.

The Reluctant Shopper

Life can be full of tough decisions and deciding whether you’ll participate in a holiday shopping expedition or not is definitely one of them. Perhaps the best thing to do is skip the store crowds entirely and hibernate until the holiday season is over. However, if you suddenly decide to stop being a Grinch and shop for your family members after all, know it’s never too late.

Actually, it might even be better! Starting your holiday shopping spree later may mean not having to deal with long lines, longer waits and angry shoppers. Maybe hitting up a few popular retailers in the late hours of the day may do the trick. If you’re lucky, you may even find every item on your wish list.

Safety First

If online shopping is your thing, safety may not be an issue. However, if you’re one of the brave ones looking to run directly into the fray that is holiday shopping, play it safe. Avoid parking wars, keep your belongings with you at all times and be cordial to others…even if they just grabbed the last copy of Pitch Perfect 2.