M.A.C. Nites: An Opening for All Artists

Finding unique acts in the Valley can be a tough but rewarding experience. Finding the perfect place that helps promote local artists is special and getting the chance to see that talent up close is as well.

Yerberia Cultura, which I talked about in a previous piece, is making that easier by promoting “M.A.C. Nites”, a special night for music, artists and the creative community of McAllen to show their stuff every week.

What makes this stand out among your standard open mic nights is that this is a night open to anyone wanting to express their talent through any medium. Local musicians can play, followed by a poet reading their works. Artists and graphic designers are also welcome to display their art all night.

It’s a special night for the creative community of McAllen to gather, perform and talk about their art with fellow artists and fans from all across McAllen in a laidback atmosphere that appreciates the creative spirit.

M.A.C. Nites runs every Monday at Yerberia Cultura from 5 PM to 1 AM with specials for musicians, artists and the creative community. The bar will also feature an open mic for all hosted by Ray Perez.

So, whether you’re a local band looking to play a show, or are an artist looking to feature your work, Yerberia Cultura will open its doors and make sure you have a fun place to share your visions.