Your pants fit a little tighter, the football game is over and you can’t eat another bite. The day of feasting is over…or is it? What about all of those leftovers? What are you going to do with them? Well, you could always make Thanksgiving soup. Now hear me out, it tastes way better than it sounds!

A First-Timer

One year, my friends and I spent Thanksgiving together, for the first time I might add. So, none of us really knew what we were doing. Turns out my mother and grandmother make it look easier than it is. Who knew?
There we all were, away from our families in Houston and wondering what on earth to buy. We ended up getting the easiest things we could think of: stuffing, potatoes (for mashing), broccoli and cheese, corn, Mexican rice (don’t judge) and biscuits, and, of course, the coup de grâce, the turkey.
My best friend was in charge of the turkey, I was in charge of sides and the boys were in charge of desserts. Seems easy enough, right? Well, after an entire day of trying to figure out how to do everything (I nearly lost it when I realized I had to stuff stuffing into the turkey), we finally sat down to a meal we made ourselves.
The next day, the hunger pangs began to kick in again, but who wants to prepare a second Thanksgiving meal? It just wouldn’t seem as special…so we got creative. Since we bought broccoli and cheese, we used that as our base. We then added rice, corn, a bit of mashed potatoes and turkey. We popped a bowl into the microwave, unsure of what we had just created out of laziness. The ding of the microwave let us know our creation was ready.

Thanksgiving Soup

My best friend and I stared down at what we’d done; we mixed everything around, unsure of whom should try it first. The bowl was in my hand so I figured, why not? What came next was a wave of absolute heaven. Everything blended so well together! My best friend tried it and could not hide her surprise. Thanksgiving soup was a success! The entire day, we all ate “soup”. By the end of the weekend, my best friend and I agreed our soup was way better than the actual Thanksgiving meal. To this day, we pine for our Thanksgiving soup.

It’s Time for YOU to Get Creative

While you don’t necessarily have to make Thanksgiving soup out of your leftovers (even though I highly recommend it), now is your chance to have a little fun! Don’t just serve yourself another Thanksgiving meal, make a turkey sandwich with some broccoli and cheese drizzled on top. If you have tortillas, make a taco of turkey, rice and corn. You’ve probably made something similar with fajitas. Do you have broccoli rice casserole/green rice casserole? Awesome! Mix that in with turkey strips and a roll or biscuit on the side and you have a quick meal.
The point is, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. While it’s all well and good to have that traditional Thanksgiving meal, the next day (or Leftovers Day as I so affectionately call it) is your day to make what you’d really like. Would cranberry sauce make a good drizzle on that taco? How about barbeque sauce? Raid your fridge and get creative! Who knows? You may just like your Leftovers Day creation a little more than your Thanksgiving meal.