Fitness has changed drastically in recent years. Since it’s more popular to be fit nowadays, a sea of options is now available for those wanting to get into shape. Whether you want to climb a mountain, bike together or dance, there are countless things you can try.

In a way, the change that fitness has taken has really played a lot into its popularity. As more and more people find new ways to get their body moving, it really makes you think about what it is that has reignited the fitness program among us.

Never Alone

Like a lot of things, fitness has become a social endeavor. Workouts have evolved past lonely annoying trips. They now involve fun outings with friends, yoga and spin classes. Working out has become an event that we want to bring our friends into as well.

Even when we do hit the gym alone, we’re ready to show everyone how hard at work we’ve been. Social media is perfect for documenting progress and changes while helping you have a conversation with your friends about your fitness goals. I mean, what trip to the gym is complete without a selfie to mark your progress?

High Tech Health

Okay, so maybe you’re not big on selfies and hashtags. That’s totally cool, too. Technology has also allowed us to get a better idea of how much work we’re putting into our workouts.

Whether they happen to be apps that track our exercise and calorie intake, or wearable tools that count our steps and give us exact readouts on how we’re doing, the tech of working out has helped us set realistic goals and achieve them faster.

Making a Hit

When it comes to making a wave in the world of fitness, it’s these two factors that play a huge role in success. Making the program or class a social experience and providing technology that allows people to record and track progress is what it’s all about.

Fitness is being seen as a movement, and rightfully so. As we work to get healthier, having the support of friends and strangers alike can be a big motivating force. We are more connected than ever and fitness plays a big role in that.