Sushi: A texture thing!

This eatery is a bit of a staple among the locals. Although it’s more of a dinner place, they are best known for their Teppanyaki grill service. I decided to give it a try for a lunch meeting, For those visiting South Padre Island, the location couldn’t be more convenient as it’s literally just a couple of blocks from Queen Isabella bridge.

We were escorted into an open and airy dining room by Master Teppan Chef and Owner Benji Kim. It was refreshing to see him supervising the entire operation. He even went so far as to interact with the clientele. After careful consideration with so many menu choices and rolls, we ordered tempura shrimp and seaweed salad as appetizers and a complement. For the main meal, we all had different rolls. My friends ordered the Mango Roll and a combo Salmon and Tuna Roll. I myself ordered the Orgasmo Roll (yes, that’s its actual name).

Soon enough, we were all served the complimentary Miso Soup, a classic Japanese dish and great starter. It was very mild but incredibly tasty. According to health nuts, it helps stimulate the appetite and eases digestion. The Golden Crispy Tempura Shrimp promptly arrived and, unsurprisingly, promptly disappeared.

A very generous portion of seaweed salad followed the parade of delicious dishes and was amazing. It was sweet and salty with a bit of a crunch. It was perfect, and the sushi rolls arrived afterward. It’s no secret that sushi is all about the texture, and Chef Benji’s legendary rolls were no exception.

My Orgasmo Roll was just perfect in texture and flavor. If anything, I could have used a bit more of the establishment’s secret sauce. My two friends also gave their rolls a thumbs up. As I was leaving, a Bento Box was being delivered to a nearby table, and as you can see, I was able to take a shot of it. It’s also worth mentioning that our waiter was very attentive and polite.

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