RGV Native Hits the Media Big Leagues

Working in an industry that never sleeps is no easy feat. It takes the spirit of a true millennial to keep up with the ever-changing whims of the media world and the passion and dedication of an individual who believes in disseminating unbiased information to the public.

RGV native Daniella Diaz has the perfect combination of these characteristics, so it’s no wonder she is making leaps in digital news media. She made the jump from local news to digital producer for one of the nation’s most acclaimed political teams not long ago. And, she’s only 23 years old.

Living the American Millennial Dream

Like most individuals of the millennial generation, Daniella is not just a product of the advancing technology that has spurred globalization; she is an innovator adapting to new demands and a changing political, social and economic landscape.

Daniella is a digital producer for CNN Politics where she supports the day-to-day production of the website’s video and editorial content. She also writes for the breaking news team. Her job primarily entails measuring analytics and distributing content across CNN Politics’ social media accounts to expand and strengthen the media outlet’s presence. Using CNN’s current stronghold on digital news media, Daniella has successfully worked on furthering the outlet’s reputation.

A Producer in the Making

Daniella is a Valley native at heart, having graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas-Pan American, now UTRGV. Before embarking on her CNN adventure, Daniella set roots in the world of digital media and news in South Texas while working for a local newspaper. She then worked as a web producer for POLITICO where she covered breaking news, a job experience that has helped her in her current career path. She also served in the NBC News investigative unit.

This McAllen native is living her dream in the nation’s capital. Follow her on Twitter to support her in all of her endeavors.