I’ve worked in the service industry as a sales representative, cashier, server and hostess, so I value a job well done in that regard. Tipping the individual servicing you is the best way to show your appreciation, but it can be awkward to gauge how much is enough. We all have our own opinions about what a good tip is, but to be on the safe side, check out these tips on proper etiquette for various common services.

Restaurant Servers

Most restaurants now provide the suggested tip amount at various percentages of your overall tab – 10%, 15% or 20%. I like to think the bottom end is for bad service situations – unless they’re particularly wretched, in which case no tip will do. If the waiter is especially nice and attentive, I aim for a 25% tip. You may also consider tipping cooks, like sushi chefs.

Delivery Workers

Props to all delivery people out there. As someone with no sense of direction who gets lost even with Google Maps reciting every turn and street, I have plenty of respect for delivery workers. Whether you’re having food or furniture delivered, tip a few dollars to the driver.


If you choose a valet over parking your own car, chances are you can afford to tip, and you should. A few dollars will do when you pick up your car. Those boys and girls spend hours outside running back and forth. A bit of cash will definitely provide them with a great incentive.

Beauty Care

Massage therapists, hair stylists and other beauticians should be tipped anywhere from 10% to 20%. Whether you’re getting a haircut, a mani/pedi or massage, tipping the person who took care of you is a great way to establish a proper repertoire if you plan to visit them again.

Tattoo Artists

It only makes sense to tip someone who spent hours permanently marking your skin. A tattoo artist that you trust is probably incredibly talented and patient. They deserve that bonus at the end of a job well done. How much you tip your artist is completely dependent on the work done, your level of satisfaction and what you think is a fair amount.

Uber or Cab Drivers

Taxis or Uber, drunk or sober, if you’re being driven somewhere, leaving a tip for the driver is simply common courtesy. Some drivers go the extra mile to ensure your safety and comfort, so treat them with a few extra bucks on your way out.

Hospitality Workers

A lot of consumers don’t consider tipping hotel maids. The hospitality staff is in charge of cleaning and looking out for your room and belongings throughout your stay. Leave a few dollars on the bed and a thank you note to make sure your room gets extra care.


There are always those bartenders and baristas that go the extra mile to give you a delicious treat that’s better than the drink you were expecting. Tip them a dollar or two for good service provided and their magical drink-making skills.


Hard labor deserves hard cash. Moving furniture into your new home is no easy feat, so your movers deserve that extra tip. Industry standards suggests a 5% tip of your total moving bill.