An Unexpected Delight

When the idea of going to Zoë’s Kitchen for this foodie assignment was brought up, everyone was a bit skeptical. I had just heard some peers talk about Zoë’s Kitchen, but never with much detail. It was the usual, “It was good” with a “You should try it” comment slapped at the end – which is not what you want to hear about a place, especially one you’re about to try for the first time.

Since I was joined by a couple of friends, I decided to go with one of the Mediterranean Family Meals that come with an entrée, two fresh sides, Greek salad, hummus and pita bread or cucumbers. I went with the family meal that serves 4-6 people and gives you a couple of food options. For the entrée, you can choose from the following: chicken or veggie kabobs, grilled chicken breast, chicken marinara and chicken or spinach rolls. My choice was the grilled chicken for the entrée. The portions were very generous on the family size order. The grilled chicken came in a bowl with roughly six 6oz pieces along with grilled onions. The seasonings used to prepare the chicken had a great taste, and the chicken was not dry, which is often the case when grilled chicken is ordered from restaurants.

For the two sides, we went with a fresh fruit and potato salad. Both did not disappoint, and again, the portions were very generous; the order can easily feed six. The potato salad had a great flavor to it and the fresh fruit made for a great dessert. Everything in Zoë’s Kitchen tasted fresh. They’ll surely have no problem having consumers going back for more. The family meal is also served with Greek salad as well as hummus and pita bread. At first, it didn’t seem there would be enough for 4-6 people, but as soon as it hit the table, we started to wonder how we’d finish it all.

Zoë’s Kitchen is located off the Ware Road exit at the Palm’s Crossing shopping area and can be easily forgotten or lost with the other immensely popular eateries surrounding it. Make no mistake about it though, when it comes to fueling yourself with the right type of foods, feel free to try out Zoë’s Kitchen. It most assuredly will not disappoint.

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