Documentary Looks Deeper Into South Texas’ Rock Music

Music is an integral part of everyday life in the Rio Grande Valley. Yet, for all the sounds, melodies and vocals created by our community, people outside of South Texas are often unfamiliar with it all. Now, two Valley natives are prepared to take the story of South Texas underground rock to the masses.

‘As I Walk Through the Valley’

The trailer for As I Walk Through the Valley offers a glimpse at what Charlie Vela and Ronnie Garza have been working on during the last nine months. The documentary, expected to be released in 2016, takes a look at our area’s underground rock history, from the sixties to present day.

The two novice filmmakers appear to have one simple goal: to identify the area’s first punk rock band. As the documentary unfolds and stories from musicians and the scene’s personalities (both young and old) are told, the scope of the film widens. As I Walk Through the Valley offers a gaze into an incredible line of local artists while staring deep into the role of historical and cultural identity that comes with being a Valley musician.

And Now We Wait

While no specific release information has been announced for As I Walk Through the Valley, the documentary is sure to captivate and entertain everyone when the time comes. Stay tuned to for more information about this and other Valley projects in arts, music and entertainment.