Festival season is in full swing and unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the latest Henna art trend that’s sweeping the nation. Henna tattoos continue to grow in popularity as more and more people all over the world come to appreciate this age-old trend of body art.

The Basics of Henna as Body Art

A plant that grows in the tropical climates of Africa, northern Australia and southern Asia, Henna has leaves that contain a pigment called lawsone. When combined with proteins, it causes staining. Due to this quality, it has been used throughout the ages to create beautiful body art designs.

The use of Henna for body art is several centuries old and is traditionally used for special occasions like religious ceremonies, birthdays and weddings in India and the Middle East.

No Long-Term Commitment Needed

Not ready to ditch your fear of needles but want to dabble in the act of body adornment? Henna tattoos are your best bet. They’re less expensive and the process is a smaller, pain-free commitment than getting a traditional tattoo. They are semi-permanent and typically last up to seven days with proper care, so you can experiment with different designs and colors as often as you’d like.

Henna Tattoo Art in the RGV

Thinking about sporting a Henna tattoo of your very own before summer ends? These are just a few places you can get Henna in the RGV:

  • Just Threads: Eyebrow Threading and Henna Tattoos in McAllen. Call 956.213.8700 for more info.
  • Nail Lounge in McAllen. Call 956.664.9700 for more info.
  • Peggy’s Temporary & Permanent Tattoos in South Padre Island. Call 956.761.6595 for more info.

Remember to keep your fresh, Henna body art covered for up to 12 hours to extend its life. Feel like getting creative and making your own design? DIY Henna Kits can be purchased online through various vendors. If you’d rather leave it to the pros, many of the RGV’s Henna artists will create beautiful designs that you’ll be dye-ing to show off!