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the green owl

I’d never heard of The Green Owl prior to my Foodie visit, so imagine what came into mind when I learned the establishment would be celebrating their one-year anniversary. Needless to say, I was very excited to hear that South Texas had an eatery that offered different food items compared to what we are accustomed to. The Green Owl serves vegan and vegetarian choices for consumers, top of the line choices for anyone wanting the added benefits to their daily nutrition needs.

One of my choice entrees at The Green Owl was La Pasta, a perfect swap for your typical spaghetti and meatballs. Instead of regular pasta, the noodles are actually strips of Zucchini, and the meatballs are made with lentils. The zucchini noodles came served with a flavorful mix of peppers, black olives and avocado sauce. The first thing I noticed was the amount of food in front of me; it was no small portion, but a good amount of zucchini noodles and five large lentil meatballs.

As far as food arrangement is considered, the lentil meatballs were the first items to grab my attention. They were freshly made and were still steaming at the top of the plate. The colors of the peppers and the olives captured my attention next; bright and enticing. The zucchini noodles are not what you’d expect. Tough at first bite, I had to give myself a few moments to register the fact that I wasn’t eating “real pasta”. Once my palate adjusted, everything blended nicely. Overall, this dish was a great choice for someone looking to make a healthy swap for spaghetti and meatballs. It provides a smooth and delectable transition because of the few ingredients involved.

The other entrée I decided to try was the Lasagna. Of course, their version is different than what generally comes to mind. However, that did not take away from how tasty the platter was. The homemade lasagna is made using eggplant, zucchini, black beans, lentils and vegan cheese, and is served with a side salad. This choice was hands down my favorite. It is a wonderfully crafted lasagna alternative.

The vegan cheese is what pops out the most, and the side salad compliments the entrée well. This dish in particular makes you fill up quicker. The nutrients provided in the lasagna are so plentiful and rich that the body signals you to feel full at an appropriate time, unlike competitors out there which can have a high calorie-to-nutrient ratio.

For anyone looking for the next big thing, The Green Owl is here. Vegan and vegetarianism is a personal preference, but for someone trying to eat healthier while eating out, this is the place to be.

Review: http://greenowldeli.com/

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