When I started the class I didn’t know anything about building sandcastles. By the time it was over I thought “WOW!”. Lucinda was my teacher. She is very famous and wins awards for building sandcastles all over the world. Lucinda brought all sorts of tools you can find at home like a pastry knife, broken forks, knives and buckets. You’ll never guess how we started. We started by building off of a marriage proposal sandcastle she built yesterday. We turned it into a giant castle!

We dug a hole and she showed us how to build up the sand. Then she showed us ways to carve the sand using the tools she brought. When we were done I thought “Did she put a spell to make me think I did it or did I really do it?”. It was incredible and I can’t believe I learned how to do it. I really enjoyed building the sandcastle. It was fun!

Awesome Sandcastle Lessons: Sandyfeet.com

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