You may have noticed in the last few months that more and more cyclists have taken to the streets of the Rio Grande Valley. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the newfound awareness for cycling and its environmental benefits.

While looking out for our planet’s well-being is a strong incentive to take up cycling, there are plenty of health reasons why you and your friends should saddle up and take your bike for a spin.

On the Go

If you’re having trouble finding the time to ride, biking to work can be the perfect alternative. About half of the American workforce lives within five miles of their workplace, which you can easily ride in 20 minutes each way every day. Riding like this twice a week can potentially burn nearly 3,000 calories every month!

Say Hello to the Tone

If you’ve ever driven past a cyclist, you’ve probably done a double take of their muscular legs. There’s no shame in that, but wouldn’t it be great to sport a pair of killer legs yourself? All the pedaling makes the glutes, calves and quads work together. Additionally, steering your bike helps tone your upper body, giving you a uniformed and muscular look.

Sluggish No More

According to a study in Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, biking can boost your energy levels by 20% while decreasing your fatigue by 65%. This is due to the brain’s neurotransmitter dopamine – associated with the body’s energy levels – being triggered by cycling. Even riding at a slow pace can help you stay energized and speed away from feeling sluggish.

Easy on the Joints

Many workouts, such as jogging or running, can wreak havoc on your joints and leave you one step away from a serious injury. However, cycling does not put as much stress on your knees, ankles and back as other workouts do. It’s important to understand that your bike’s positioning is pivotal in giving you a comfortable ride, so make sure your seat and handlebars are properly situated before hitting the road.

Start Pedaling

It’s time to hop on the cycling bandwagon and get your feet moving! To help you prepare, we will be bringing you important information about how to pick the right bike and cycling safety within the next few weeks. Stick around and start pedaling!