Summer Outdoor Sports in the RGV

Feeling adventurous? It’s summertime, folks! It’s the perfect season to spend more time outdoors trying new things and making lasting memories. Don’t be a total beach bum this summer. Instead, try some of these fun and thrilling outdoor sports. We know you’ve been itching to get out there and enjoy the Texan sun, and these activities are a great way to start.


Water Sports

There are numerous watersports you can dip your toes into and living near South Padre Island makes it easier. Great summertime water sports include: surfing, skimboarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing, parasailing, snorkeling and standup paddle boarding. Each is as exciting as the next by providing a great opportunity to see nature in a whole new light. Whether you’re swimming with fish or riding through the ocean’s waves, these sports will definitely quench your adventurous thirst.

Sailing, Rowing and Kayaking

There’s something about gliding through the water in a small vessel on a warm summer day that is meditative and relaxing. The world around you is calm, the water rises in gentle waves and the sun casts its warmth on your skin. Great image, isn’t it? Sailing, rowing and kayaking are amazing ways to de-stress, whether you’re out to fish or want get a good workout.

Horseback Riding

Imagine horseback riding at the beach with the South Texan breeze running through your hair. While this isn’t a very active sport, it’s another stress-relieving activity you can try right here at home. Take a lesson by yourself or with your partner! It’s well worth the time and effort to experience horseback riding at least once.


Just like bungee jumping and zip-lining, skydiving is one of those extreme activities you’ve got to work up the courage to do – if ever. If you’re feeling adventurous, skydiving can be the ultimate thrill and an experience that’s definitely worth a shot.


If you’re looking for a new hobby, archery is a popular summertime sport. With movies like The Hunger Games, Brave and The Avengers, archery has made a huge comeback. The RGV is home to various archery programs and shooting ranges that can help you select a weapon to hone your skills.