McAllen’s Food Park is Ready to Appease the RGV’s Palate

In a previous post, dove headfirst into McAllen’s latest delicious novelty: the food truck. We delved deeper into The Mighty Truck’s huge devotion to tasty food, Krazy Dogs’ gourmet hot dogs and Nino’s Rio Pizza’s knack for bringing the RGV closer to Neapolitan flavors. While we were busy stuffing our faces with scrumptious food, the city of McAllen began exploring the idea of a Food Park to bring your favorite food trucks – and future ones – to a designated area close to the city’s Art and Entertainment districts. Now, the dream of mouthwatering urban food is closer than ever.

Everybody, Gather ‘Round

The idea for the McAllen Food Park at the Chamber of Commerce’s parking lot came from the mind of District 5 Commissioner John Ingram. With the food truck court, McAllen hopes to attract and retain the younger crowd while clothing the city with a college-town atmosphere. While an exact date for the opening of the McAllen Food Park has not been set, preparations are underway.

The McAllen Food Park will be open Sunday through Thursday from 10 AM to 11 PM and Friday and Saturday from 10 AM to 2 AM. Tourists, locals and hungry people from all around can expect gourmet dishes carefully-created by some of the most exciting local chefs.

An Open Invitation

The creation of the McAllen Food Park is the perfect opportunity for families, friends and even your beloved pets to be part of this unique experience. Local music artists are also welcome to serenade the masses with acoustic sets. The McAllen Food Park is on the hunt for chefs and entrepreneurs to join the food truck army with their very own restaurant on wheels.

The food truck boom is in full swing and every taste bud in the RGV is hoping that it’s here to stay. If you’re ready to devour some of the most unique and delicious dishes around, or are looking to bring your own truck into the game, visit the McAllen Food Park official page for more information.