Infuse Your Senses

Voted best luxury dining and bar experience by RGVmag readers, Infusions manages to awe you from the second you walk in to the very moment you take your first bite of dessert. With an exclusive and unique approach to cuisine, guests are tempted to try everything on the menu. I know I was. Custom entrees, a great wine selection and a relaxed and pleasant setting truly make Infusions an experience you would not want to miss out on. Hidden in the City of McAllen, Infusions is an ideal choice for any occasion and an experience unlike any other.

I’ve had the chance to dine in the cozy, indoor dining room, which boasts a well-lit atmosphere and an attractive bar, as well as the outdoor patio. Without a doubt, my favorite spot was out in the patio. Infusions plays off local foliage and the vibrant colors unique to the Hispanic culture with a mosaic of red and yellow tones. The food only reflected the warm and comforting surroundings. For the appetizer, I ordered the Roasted Pork Belly. That dish was amazing to say the least; the meat was falling apart in deliciously juicy pieces. It almost melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more after every bite. The ponzu sauce complimented the dish very well. It had a tangy taste that did not taking away from the tastiness of the dish.

For the entre, I ordered the Seared Hanger Steak. The presentation of the dish was pleasant and different than you would expect. The steak was served cut and presented along with roasted potatoes and asparagus. The meat was very rare, but full of flavor. I try steak places often, and this was hands-down the best platter I’ve ever tried. All in all, Infusions has an amazing selection of unique and delicious entrées with a great view for your enjoyment. It’s definitely worth the trip.

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