Having all of your information neatly filed in a set of records and documents can be a godsend for your personal and business matters. However, if these documents were to make their way into the wrong hands, your livelihood could potentially be in danger. Fraud can be one of the most damaging and worrisome situations to find yourself in but, at the Community Shredding Event, you can keep all of your unneeded documents away from the wrong people.

The Perfect Way to Avoid Fraud

The Community Shredding Event, held at Lone Star National Bank at 520 E. Nolana Avenue in McAllen, will be free of charge for the public. Don’t run the risk of becoming a victim to fraud that can potentially put your entire family’s well-being one step closer to disaster. Stop by the Community Shredding Event on Saturday, April 25th from 10 AM to 2 PM to shred all of your outdated documents.

The event, hosted by Lone Star National Bank, Lone Star Shredding and Document Storage, BBB and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, is the perfect way for the people of the Rio Grande Valley to take a stand against fraudulent schemes. Visitors are allowed up to five 30-pound boxes of documents per vehicle for shredding.

Start Shredding

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