Sancho Gets Cheesy

When it comes to the South Padre Island dining scene, few places are a staple among locals. D’Pizza Joint is definitely one of the select few that have weathered many dry seasons. Though D’Pizza Joint resembles a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, hidden by a sheath of new real estate and fancy dining venues, this tiny white building has held its own for quite some time. Inside is a welcoming and laid-back environment that resembles both a bar and a diner. As we often see, these types of restaurants are the true gems of any region, and this holds true with D’Pizza Joint.

As suggested by some friends, we ordered the Three-Combo Appetizer of all fried foods: zucchini, mushrooms and cheese. The rule of thumb for trying new restaurants is to go for the item on the menu that bears the restaurant’s name, so we did just that. For our main course, we ordered the medium size D’Pizza Special. Finally, by recommendation of the ultra-friendly staff at the restaurant, we ordered the Jumbo Seafood Stuffed Jalapeño.

As soon as the appetizer came, we started our hunger-driven attack. Everything was golden and crispy, fried to perfection. Our favorite, hands down, were the fried mushrooms dipped in ranch or marinara sauce. The pizza arrived soon after, a breathtaking scene of fresh meats, veggies and cheese. The combination of sausage, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, green peppers and fresh onions works so well together. It is no wonder this pizza is one of their most popular items. The crust was one of the best I’ve ever had. It wasn’t too doughy or crispy, like D’Pizza reached common ground for both crust textures to coexist. It was truly a work of art! The Seafood Stuffed Jalapeño was very tasty as well, especially dipped in the side of tartar sauce.

Everything about this place was impressive, though you might not think so at first glance. The service was phenomenal, the food even better. I highly recommend this place if you’re at the island and in the mood for some good ‘ol pizza. They even deliver, but bear in mind that good food takes time. Expect a bit of a wait, though it’s well worth it. Hasta la Pasta!

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