When you think of taste of the valley, what comes to mind? Authentic, classic Mexican dishes? Perhaps a juicy, ripe valley citrus fruit? Maybe even some great South Texas style barbecue? Depending on whom you talk to, it might be all three. However, there’s a new kid in town among the palettes of the Rio Grande Valley, one who’s making a lot of noise – and this kid’s gone mobile.

It’s all about food trucks, folks! There’s a lot to talk about with the flurry of food activity roaming the streets of the RGV. Inspired by the flood of mobile food vendors nationwide, specifically our neighbors in Austin and Central Texas, the RGV is now taking a shot at the food truck scene by slowly building culture of its own. Combining a passion for good eats, mobile readiness and good old fashioned Valley spunk, the road is being paved for a steady influx of mobile cuisine.

Here are a few of the trucks popping up around the RGV that have the streets buzzin’!

Krazy Dogs Gourmet

We previously shared our excitement for Krazy Dogs (you can read our review here), their banana yellow truck and the flavorful hotdogs that came from within. Well, we’re glad to report that things haven’t changed. If anything, they’re even better, and the popularity for these dogs is rising up the foodie chain.

Offering loaded gourmet hotdog creations at a decent price is the name of the game here. Creativity is blooming with dog flavors like Pizza, Beer and local favorites Mexican and Queso Flameado. Yes, you read that right. Those last two come with serrano chile, cilantro, chorizo con queso and salsa – on a hot dog! Follow your intrigue to new and exciting combinations to Krazy Dogs’ bright yellow truck on 10th street in McAllen. As always, for the most up to date location spots, follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

The Mighty Truck

The newest food truck in the neighborhood is The Mighty Truck – whose name serves them right ‘cause there ain’t anything puny about this truck (except for the price). Mighty good taste, large helpings and a big style is what makes The Mighty Truck special.

They’re always serving gourmet burgers and fries, but it’s the variety of options that’s the strength of The Mighty Truck. You’ll find gyros, tortas and sandwiches packed with combinations you surely won’t find anywhere else. From Argentina to Salvador, this truck isn’t afraid to mix flavors around to find a truly mighty taste refined for the culturally curious appetite in you. Also, their all-natural drinks are made fresh and are the perfect way to wash down some of their signature mighty fries and sauce. For now, they’re parked outside of Cordoba Café in McAllen almost every night with tables set for you. They’re also very active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Nino’s Rio Pizza

Widely known as McAllen’s first ever food truck, since 2011, Nino’s Rio Pizza has been serving classic Neapolitan pizzas with an RGV twist – utilizing traditional ingredients found in the region’s homemade dishes. Of course, you can always go for the classic pepperoni or margherita pizzas, but Nino’s is really tailored for the adventurer in you.

With domestic favorite ingredients such as Choriqueso, cilantro, fajita and more, Nino’s goes out of its way to make far-out combinations taste amazing. Try their various specialty pizzas or opt for an Italian classic – Nino’s Rio style. Look for their wood brick oven trailer all over McAllen or visit them on Facebook and Twitter for location updates.

Get Out and Get Eatin’!

There’s a lot coming from these mobile restaurants. Taste was never short to come by in the RGV, and with these trucks and many more (check out Taco N’ Mothers too!), we think it’s safe to say the Valley won’t be going hungry anytime soon.

What’s really appetizing to find is not only the eats these trucks offer, but the fact that these tastes include a salute to the people they are serving in creating something unique, bold and delicious. We can only hope that this is the beginning of a long line of new trucks and restaurants to follow. If there’s any indication already, the Valley’s ready with a growling stomach.