Photo Source: The Pan American Online - Different Strokes

Whether it’s a painting or a song, finally displaying something you’ve kept to yourself, toiled over and poured your heart into is the definition of putting yourself out there. For many creative people, unleashing your art for others to see can be a very nerve-racking experience. Yet, on the first Friday night of the month at Archer Park in McAllen, the vibe is nothing short of breezy and joyful.

Passion on Display

From September to May on every first Friday of the month, booths are prepared, tables are set up and stages are lighted in preparation for a celebration of local art. Handmade crafts, abstract paintings, intricate drawings, sincere music and many other forms of creativity are exhibited by the good people of the Valley on the luscious lawn of Archer Park in McAllen.

The McAllen ArtWalk is more than an arts and crafts show; it’s a sensory overload of the community experience. You can see it. The detail poured into a table of handcrafted pens. The hours spent knitting handmade clothing and accessories. The dedication put into hand painting a Valley sunset. You can also feel it. The love of music pouring from a band of teenage musicians. The grand passion in the eyes of cosplayers showcasing art based on their favorite characters. The craftsmanship demonstrated in homemade jewelry and woodworking from devoted hands.

Most of all, you can experience it in the smiles of dozens of Valleyites that are joined in an observance of the local talent on display. It speaks for itself, the diversity of culture, the uniqueness of our individuality and the immense methods of expression that the Rio Grande Valley has to offer the rest of the world.

This completely FREE event all happens under the Downtown McAllen night sky. Well, and also the various museums, studios and galleries of Art Village, a 30,000 square foot area of the arts district. While mostly everything is available for purchase at the ArtWalk, just taking a stroll through historic McAllen is a unique and memorable event for the entire family that is sure to inspire.

Experience ArtWalk

To be part of the experience, visit McAllen’s Archer Park from 6 PM to 9 PM on the first Friday of every month from September to May. Bring a friend, buy some art and take pride in the talent of the RGV that abounds at McAllen’s ArtWalk.