When my boss took my coworkers and I to the boxing gym near our workplace in December, I assumed we were in for another soon-to-be failed attempt at a New Year’s Resolution. While we’re all pretty health-conscious, we had yet to find a single health or fitness routine to stick to.

Whether it was the intrigue of a new challenge or the pressure of finding a New Year’s resolution, our boss signed us up for a corporate membership a week later at the Title Boxing Gym in McAllen on North 10th Street. I couldn’t help but make little bets with myself about how long we’d all last with this one.

Fast-forward about three months and we’re still going strong. I’ve lost a few pounds and two of my self-made bets, but who’s counting, right? Through boxing, I feel like we’ve finally found a routine that works and don’t see us stopping any time soon. It’s not because it’s one of 2015’s hottest fitness trends or the fact that we’re paying for membership, so we might as well use it. There’s something altogether different about boxing and kickboxing in a group setting that I think is very much worth your try.

What’s the Secret?

Boxing and kickboxing test your limits in every way. At Title Boxing, the team of trainers is made up of both boxers and fitness trainers: Alex, Marc, Eduardo, Julio, Tony and Cristal. They know exactly how to challenge your mind and body with every class. The support of the people around us facing the same challenges helps overcome whatever our trainers toss our way, even those impossibly painful ab routines!

I’ve tried a few exercises in hopes of finding one that doesn’t get dull and keeps me engaged all the way through. For me, the gym setting is too solitary, yet invasive, and at-home workout videos make me feel ridiculous and bored. But in a group exercise setting, everyone seems to play off of each other. Maybe it’s the social environment, the consistent schedule, or the accountability for participation. The personal training that they offer at Title Boxing doesn’t hurt either. The trainers will work on form and strategy for every newcomer, always looking out for your safety and comfort.

The workouts are not easy. Trust me, a few two-minute intervals of the cross lateral march and you’ll wish the classes allowed for full contact fighting with your trainer. But the feeling of accomplishment after every class is pretty powerful.

New Waves of HIIT

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is one of 2015’s top fitness trends and seems like it’s here to stay. This is the type of training that we see in boxing and kickboxing classes, which involve short bursts of intense activity followed by brief periods of rest. With HIIT routines, you can maximize the amount of fat burned while building more muscle in half the time of conventional training methods. For boxing, some of the benefits include:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased overall body strength
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Decreased Stress
  • Better Body Composition

Is Boxing Here to Stay?

Fitness trends come and go more often than Frito Lays’ chip flavors. With all sorts of celebrities admitting that boxing and kickboxing are their secret to staying fit, I’m pretty excited that boxing is finally in the limelight.

I’m sticking to this workout routine for as long as I can. Not only do I feel confident and more energized throughout the day, I feel healthy. That is perhaps the most important benefit of all. If you’re up for the challenge, look for a dojo or training gym near you!