A Valentine’s Day Celebration of Effortless Romance

A Valentine’s Day Under the South Texan Sun

The Rio Grande Valley has everything you need to sweep your partner off their feet this Valentine’s Day. Whether you plan on staying home or going out for a night on the town, a little creativity is all it takes to make this romantic holiday a memorable one. Check out our ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Veg Out in Front of the TV

Julia Roberts knew what was up when she suggested the idea to Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman”. You’ve got a whole weekend to celebrate this romantic holiday. Spend it inside and cuddled up with just the two of you while enjoying each other’s company.

Let’s face it. Playing couch potato for a weekend is all anyone wants to do. However, life has a habit of getting in the way. There’s really no better time to realize this fantasy than on Valentine’s Day weekend. Grab a bucket of popcorn, wrap yourselves in your favorite blanket and binge watch your favorite TV shows or movies.

Picnic in the Park, Animal Crackers Optional

While it’s nowhere near the romantic comedy genre, that picnic scene in “Armageddon” where Ben Affleck gently walks little animal crackers across Liv Tyler’s tummy is oh-so-romantic. Imagine a picnic under a shaded area with the warm Texas sun and local birds singing in the background. It doesn’t get more romantic than that! Pack a thin blanket, a bottle of wine, some chocolate covered strawberries and simply enjoy the outdoor weather with your sweetheart. The RGV has plenty of outdoor picnic areas and parks to enjoy throughout the year, so take advantage of them this special holiday.

Cruise the Waves of Passion at SPI

The boat ride scene in “The Notebook” where Ryan Gosling paddles through a lake alongside Rachel McAdams is as memorable as the movie in its entirety. Lucky for us, the RGV has South Padre Island to realize all of your waterside vacations and getaways. Bring your sweetheart out to sea or to a nearby lake to enjoy the wonderful Valley weather on a boat ride for two.

Go Traditional with Chocolate and Flowers

Mel Gibson spent an entire film figuring out what women really want in 2000’s “What Women Want”. The real secret: chocolate. Okay, that’s not all it is, but it’s a fair start. You can never go wrong with a classic, heart-shaped box of chocolates and a dozen roses to start off – or end – Valentine’s Day.

Definitely add a personalized card or love letter letting your special someone know just how important he or she is to you. This goes for men and women! With a wide variety of local and chain florists, candy shops and bakeries the RGV offers, you’ll have no problem finding one near you.

Go for the Local Culinary and Entertainment Scene

If you’re saying, “Been there, done that” to all of these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, there’s always the classic dinner date. The RGV has a variety of amazing restaurants that cater to many palates, all within a reasonable distance. Try going out of your immediate city to savor and explore the flavors of new restaurants that you have yet to try. Whether you’re traveling from the Upper Valley to the Lower Valley or vice versa, there is sure to be a culinary establishment that you’ve been itching to try. What better time than Valentine’s Day?