Getting Krazy

RGV.COM rocked our world today with the Krazy Dogs Gourmet Hot Dogs food truck! Good food always makes a busy work day better, and these hotdogs really hit the spot. Krazy Dogs parked their bright yellow truck outside of our office building, and just like that, they started to prepare our lunch. What’s so unique about Krazy Dogs? Taking their portable restaurant capabilities aside, their made-to-order hotdogs feature unique and creative flavor combinations for almost every palate. These hotdogs cater to anyone and everyone, from the vegetarian to the avid beer-drinker.

Since each dog is made to order, it took some time to get everyone their lunch. Once served, the gang was as happy as clams. We ordered a bit of everything on the menu, quickly unraveling the foil paper encasing the delicious aromas of gourmet hotdogs once they arrived at our desks.

JoAnn had the Mexican Dog, which came garnished with cilantro, onion, tomato and jalapeños. The hotdog was loaded and required some heavy-duty cutlery to chow it down. With her fork and knife in hand and a napkin set on her lap, she dug into her meal. In her own words, the Mexican hotdog was, “like Mexican tacos meets American hot dog”. She loved it!

Mike had the pizza dog which was smothered in a special marinara sauce and topped with mozzarella and pepperoni. The pepperoni was crisp and flavorful, and the cheese laid as a perfectly melted blanket over the sausage. The piping hot tomato sauce topped off this culinary masterpiece with a hint of sweetness and light garlic aftertaste. Another win.

Katherine and John both had the Beer Dog. Kat was disappointed that it didn’t actually taste like beer, a valid complaint if you think about it. John said it would be the perfect dog for those weekend drinking escapades. Go figure! This dog featured a bacon-wrapped sausage marinated in beer and topped off with grilled onions.

Krazy Dogs surprised us further with the last bit of hotdogs that were ordered. Since Gargi and I don’t eat meat, the owner, Jessica, happily accommodated us by creating Vegan Mexican and Pizza Dogs. They were a deliciously pleasant surprise filled with scrumptious flavors. All of the hotdogs were ideal portions, just enough to fill up the tank. With chips and a drink to complete the meal, Krazy Dogs hotdogs are a filling lunch. So, if you’re in the mood for hotdogs, look for the bright yellow truck and grab some extra napkins for a unique and savory hotdog experience!

– Steph and the Foodies at Imagine It Studios

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