Bring Your Own Fish-O-Rama!

I met with some friends that had arrived by boat to the restaurant after a long morning of fishing in the beautiful Laguna Madre. If you’re a first timer at Pirate’s Landing bringing your catch-of-the-day to the amazing chefs there, make sure to request window seating. The view of the surrounding area is incomparable and utterly relaxing, perfect for a post-fishing lunch.

I requested the usual Blackened Red Fish and Drum, heavy on the spice, with a Deep Fried Flounder. Why grill fish when you can deep-fry it, right? As sides, my friends and I ordered the famous “Everything Including the Kitchen Sink” Whole Loaded Baked Potatoes, tossed garden salads, waffle fries and what I consider to be the BEST coleslaw south or Arroyo City.

While our food was cooking, we were served with a couple of baskets of their delicious and irresistible Honey “I’m Home” Biscuits. A fight almost broke out over who got to eat the last biscuit. Yes, they were that good. After a decent wait, our food arrived on beautiful and gigantic platters. I noticed a few onlookers from tables who had yet to receive their food, the aromas and appearance of picture-perfect seafood making their mouths water. The Red Fish was cooked to perfection, spicy and oily with a perfect tan look to it, just the way I like it. The Flounder was golden and crispy with a side of steaming hot potato overflowing with a wild assortment of toppings. My salad was served fresh and the coleslaw was as delicious as ever.

As soon as the food arrived, silence ensued and the feeding frenzy began. That’s the funny thing about lunch or dinner time and socializing. Everyone is a chatterbox until a plate is placed before them. We all went about sampling our plates. I proceeded to create a few of my own signature Blackened Fish Tacos, which I like to call “The Fernandez Special”. Grab two corn tortillas and add a fish fillet, a spoonful of coleslaw, a few drops of lemon and lime juice, a dash of Cholula sauce and, finally, a couple of spoons of Blue Cheese dressing. You can thank me for this one later.

All in all, my friends and I truly enjoyed the feast. With a little help from Pirate’s Landing’s amazing culinary talent, we even managed to convert one of our friends, a chicken nugget type of man who had never sampled fresh fish before. Until next time, El Sancho Panza.

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