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I’m happy to say my summer foodie trip to the beach was a series of pleasant culinary surprises that all started at Yummies Bistro. I had the entire weekend to check out a few local food joints on South Padre Island’s main strip and enjoyed some much-needed ‘fun under the sun’ before school started. Two whole days of sunbathing and eating delicious foods, oh yeah!

First in line was a local favorite breakfast/brunch place called Yummies Bistro. I can’t stop raving about this restaurant and I’m looking forward to driving back just for another taste of its heavenly menu. The restaurant stands near the island’s entrance amid other popular eateries and boutiques like Gabriella’s and Renee’s. It boasts a gorgeous open concept and casual feel with its frontal wooden deck and large windows that welcome natural light into the interior dining area.

There was a half-hour wait for an indoor table on this Saturday morning. No big deal. A busy restaurant is always a good sign. My boyfriend and I looked over the menus while waiting at the crowded patio, enjoying the early breeze and peaking at the plates of food on nearby tables. The scents of pancakes, coffee, eggs and a slight hint of seafood tickled our noses every time a waiter swept by, an odd yet tantalizing mixture.

Yummies’ menu is wonderfully extensive to say the least. With plenty of organic foods and alternatives, it caters to nearly all diets, from vegetarian and vegan to ketogenic and Paleolithic. I spent a good ten minutes turning the pages in awe of the breakfast and lunch options. Not long after, we were taken to our table near the dessert display of all places.  Right away, we ordered a Cafe Padre, a mimosa, Rancheros Santa Cruz and an All American Breakfast with pancakes. Our bellies were rumbling and everything looked so tasty that we simply couldn’t wait any longer.

‘Yummy’ is the word I’ll use to describe every dish and drink brought to us. Our drinks arrived in moments; waves of coffee, cinnamon and spiked orange juice scents surrounded the table. The cafe padre was an espresso with sweetened condensed milk infused with secret dessert spices and steamed milk topped with shaved chocolate. It was like Christmas morning in August. T’was magnificent. Notes of perfectly roasted coffee, creamy milk chocolate and cinnamon consumed my senses at the first sip. The mimosa, a light and bubbly orange juice, was one that I could have easily downed five more of. It was refreshing without an overwhelming hint of alcohol. Our drinks kept us sated for the minutes until the food arrived.

A plate of sautéed shrimp, bacon and ham cooked in a flavorful blend of herbs, leeks, mushrooms, red bell peppers and black beans topped with two over-easy eggs and Jack cheese was placed in front of me. Mmm, my first bite into these huevos rancheros Santa Cruz took every taste receptor on my tongue on the most epic rollercoaster ride. This was undoubtedly my favorite meal over the weekend…or simply my favorite breakfast meal ever.  I feel as if this review could be based on this one dish. If you remember nothing of my writing about Yummies, at least remember this (I’ll even bold it for you): try the Rancheros Santa Cruz. The medley of flavors, like the hint of garlic and green onion, shrimp and eggs, perfectly seasoned potatoes and sautéed veggies, all strike the palate with a subtle finesse.

When taste-testing, my boyfriend and I generally cross-examine our plates after a few bites. This time, I struggled with the idea of sparing a bite of this deliciousness on anyone that wasn’t me. I wanted it all to myself! Luckily, he was too occupied on his plate to even glance at mine. His plate, complete with a fluffy pancake, sausage and potatoes, depicted the traditional American breakfast. He kept it simple and safe, and for anyone wanting just that, this is the plate for you.

We left Yummies with our tummies full and smiles on our faces. All in all, I think anyone taking a trip to the beach should take a detour to Yummies Bistro. I’ll put it this way:  South Padre Island is a crown jewel of the Rio Grande Valley, and Yummies Bistro is a crown jewel of South Padre Island.

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