Brunch Never Looked So Good

After enjoying a most delightful buffet at Windjammer’s Beachfront Cafe at the Isla Grand Beach Resort, I’ve decided brunch is a meal best served with a side of ocean. While the view from Windjammer’s isn’t exactly ‘beach front’, the scenic details, like the crystal clear water of the hotel pool and the various exotic plants that lead to the open sea, serve to enhance the atmosphere rather than distract from it.

The weekend breakfast buffet at the infamous Isla Grand is a local favorite, so I figured I’d test it out and give y’all the inside scoop. In all, brunch at this beachfront eatery was the cherry on top of a perfect weekend getaway with the boyfriend.

We were in the mood for a quiet, romantic feel and luckily the outdoor area was relatively empty. We sat on the deck; a multi-level, shaded wooden area cooled by large tropical fans and umbrellas where our waiter quickly took our drink orders of coffee and iced tea and directed us toward the buffet inside. The indoor lighting was dim, but the ceiling-to-floor window panes added plenty of natural light for a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The room was filled with the distant chatter of people and the sizzling sounds of cooking. I let my nose lead the way to the buffet table, a medley of fresh fruits and warm breakfast foods waiting at the corner of the dining area. I went for a healthy option first and grabbed a dessert plate of watermelon, strawberries, melon, pineapples, peaches and a couple of yogurts for dipping. The peaches were the only fruit out of a can, which was upsetting seeing as the fruit is currently in season. But, it’s a buffet and I’ll let that slide.

I dropped the plate off and returned for my main course, and that’s when I noticed, or rather my nose noticed, a little nook completely dedicated to made-to-order omelets. Oh, I love me some omelet. I inched closer, eyes locked on the giant egg taco the chef tossed into the air right in front of me. Before me was an assortment of all the veggies, meats and cheeses you could possibly want for breakfast. This was going to be good. The chef acknowledged me with a hearty “hello” and warm smile while he whipped out another pan for my order while juggling at least four other orders ahead of mine. “What’ll it be?” he asked. Everything, of course! Bell pepper, mushroom, onion, tomato, cheddar cheese, ham and well-done egg. He had my omelet ready and served on a plate within three minutes. I met my boyfriend back at our outdoor table, drinks and trays of butter and jelly waiting for us, along with a stunning view of the ocean. His plate was filled with a mix of American and Mexican breakfast foods: potato and egg, chorizo, beans, sausage, mini pancakes, French toast and plenty of sweet breads. The best of both worlds, I think.

For a buffet brunch, the food selection was varied and pretty tasty. It offered everything from breakfast cereal, to omelets, to fruit and yogurt. My omelet was deliciously flavorful, and his plate was just as great. I picked at the plate of pancakes and French toast, but was rather disappointed. The pancakes were packed with blueberries and their small size satisfied my craving. The French toast, however, was a disaster. As my favorite breakfast food, I have high expectations for French toast served at public places. These were simply boring and lacked any sort of flavor.

Overall, my only complaint was the freshness and flavor of certain foods. I hoped all of the fruit at the fruit bar would be fresh, but as with most buffets, that’s rarely the case. Also, what the French toast lacked in flavor, the omelet made up for in quality, I thought. This place is ideal for small and large groups of people and the breakfast/brunch menu even offers food items outside of the buffet arrangement. All in all, if you’re in the mood for a big breakfast or brunch with a wide selection of foods and a breath-taking view, Windjammer’s is definitely the place to go.

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